Are Taylor Swift And Keith Urban Friends?

The music business is full of artists that love to work together. Taylor Swift is among those, despite having quite a history of feuding with the likes of Katy Perry and Kanye West. And though she’s now a pop star, that doesn’t erase her country past. So is she close with the genre’s biggest names, like Keith Urban?

Taylor Swift and Keith Urban
Taylor Swift and Keith Urban | Chris Polk/ACMA2013/Getty Images for ACM

It would appear so. The two multi-talented artists have not only performed together in the past, but they clearly have quite a respect for one another. Here’s a look back at the friendship between Swift and Urban.

They first performed together in 2009

Not only do they know each other, but Urban and Swift performed together in her early years. She was a supporting act on Urban’s Escape Together World Tour in 2009. And it looks like they had a lot of fun together during this time.

Need proof? Check out the video above. Urban is performing his song “Kiss A Girl,” which features his band dressed up as members of Kiss and dancers in Hershey’s Kiss candies costumes. At this particular show, Swift joined in and surprised Urban at the end by pulling off a wig to reveal that she was one of the Kiss guitarists all along.

They worked together on this song

Swift collaborated with many country artists in her time in the genre and still continues to now that she’s transitioned to pop (as evidenced by the Lover track “Soon You’ll Get Better,” which features the Dixie Chicks). In fact, she’s worked with some of the biggest names in the biz.

Swift provided guest vocals for Tim McGraw‘s 2013 single “Highway Don’t Care.” Urban provided the guitar work for the song. All three played the song together at the Country Music Association Awards ceremony that year, where it won Musical Event of the Year.

Swift and Urban met up again

Swift made the switch from country to pop with her 2014 album 1989. Though she was, by most peoples’ standards, already a pop star, she had initially made her mark in country music, so this was a bit of a transition period for her.

Fortunately, Swift embraced the merging of the genres in both her music and on tour. In fact, she honored her past in a number of ways, including one show in Toronto, where her old pal Urban took the stage to perform his song “Somebody Like You” with her, the way they did back in 2009.

Urban covered Swift’s newest single ‘Lover’

Now, the pop artist and her one of her country music idols have had the chance to honor one another on multiple occasions. But despite their long history, Urban’s latest move still meant a lot to the young artist.

At his recent show at the Washington State Fair, Urban performed the title track off Swift’s new album, Lover. Though it’s absolutely a pop song, given Swift’s roots, it translates nicely into a country ballad. Urban posted a clip of himself singing the number on Instagram, writing, “Every now and then you hear a song that you love and wish you’d written…”

Swift was understandably excited by this. She shared the video in her Instagram stories, writing, “Keith Urban covering ‘Lover’ flawlessly I am screaming… This is so beautiful.”

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