Are These ‘Below Deck’ Cast Members Getting Ready to Shoot the Next Season?

Kate Chastain | Greg Endries/Bravo

The last confetti has fallen on season 6 of Below Deck. But as the show’s reunion is in our rearview, season 7 is just starting to heat up–at least in real life.

Next season’s crew appears to be jetting off to a new exotic Below Deck location. Previous job postings and casting calls for the upcoming season dropped hints about where the crew may be headed. Plus, current cast members may have given fans some clues that they are going to be part of season 7 of Below Deck.

This is the likely destination

Charter guest and casting calls indicated that filming would occur in “remote Asian destinations for a string of high end (and high drama) Superyacht charters,” according to YaCrew.

The job posting also disclosed filming length and the type of vessel. “The position will run for around 6 weeks of filming, 4th February 2019 to 27th March 2019 on a very prestigious charter vessel 50-60m in length.”

This cast member is a given

The job posting for a chief stewardess gave away who would be at the helm for next season. “Join Captain Lee and his crew as they venture into remote Asian destinations for a string of high end (and high drama) Superyacht charters.”

Rosbach posted a picture of a sunset from his plane window. “Sunset at 40K ft. Love it.” The image is stamped with the location, Seoul, South Korea.

…and so was this cast member

While fans were kept guessing about who would be chief stew (thanks to the job post), Kate Chastain is probably going to be back in charge of the interior. Chastain posted a series of “goodbye” type images and videos to her Instagram story.

One video was with her adorable pup. “Just because he has 4 legs doesn’t mean he has to use them…..leaving for another work trip and going to miss him so much.” She also uploaded a video she took of a visit to her parent’s home before she left on her next adventure. Chastain recently posted a video to her Instagram story of a sunset view from her hotel room at an undisclosed destination.

Will he return too?

Another cast member that seems to be heading in Chastain and Rosbach’s direction may be deckhand Ashton Pienaar. Pienaar recently posted about traveling home to Johannesburg, South Africa. He went to a friend’s wedding and hung out with his family.

But Pienaar cryptically posted an image from an airplane. “My visit home has been a treat. Time for the next adventure!”

And is this cast member ready for more too?

Just recently, Chef Adrian Martin posted a picture of two sweet puppies to his Instagram. However, it wasn’t the picture that possibly gave away that he could be the chef on the next season. It was what he wrote. “Caught a glimpse of these sweet babies in southern China.. witnessing such love and compassion between animals shows an abundance of emotional intelligence… we could learn a lot from nature if we just take the time to observe and listen!”

The image location was stamped, Xinping, Hunan, China. Coincidence Martin is in China? Probably not.

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