‘Jersey Shore’: Are Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick Still Friends?

Vinny Guadagnino recently dissed his Jersey Shore: Family Vacation roommate Angelina Pivarnick on Twitter. Now, many fans wonder if the two are still friends — especially since they’ll both be back for season 4 of the MTV reality series.

Pauly D Angelina Pivarnick Vinny Guadagnino 'JWoww'
Pauly D, Angelina Pivarnick, Vinny Guadagino and Jennifer Farley | ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Angelina left Twitter for a week

All of the drama surrounding Pivarnick’s wedding resurfaced when the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 3 finale aired. Several of the roommates were outspoken about their feelings regarding what transpired that night, including Jenni “JWoww” Farley. “I watched my best friend quit because she couldn’t handle the stress,” Farley tweeted. “I stayed up so many nights hearing Deena cry over being called names she didn’t deserve. All while Angelina basked in the attention she was given. 7 months I waited for tonight.” 

Pivarnick spent a lot of time replying to tweets after the episode aired, including those from fans and Farley. 

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All of the drama seemingly became too much for Pivarncik to handle, so she took a break from the social media platform. After deactivating her account for the sake of her mental health, Pivarnick returned to Twitter. When she came back, Guadagnino took notice. 

Vinny liked Twitter better without Angelina

After a week-long break, Pivarnick greeted her followers with: “Im back b*tches. Did you miss me?” Pivarnick started replying to fans and her friends, including some of the ex-girlfriends from Double Shot at Love. Pivarnick seems to be close with many of the women from season 2, including Marissa Lucchese and Derryn Paige. 

When Pivarnick made her return, Lucchese was live tweeting during an episode of Double Shot at Love. She tweeted at Maria Elizondo, who was discussing a conversation she had with Guadagnino on the show: “You handled that perfectly, I would have been the same way — YOU ARE NOT A TROLL F*CK THAT BULLSH*T.” When Pivarnick replied to Lucchese, Guadagnino stepped in. 

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Seemingly annoyed with Guadagnino, Pivarnick replied:

It was NEVER deleted sweetie pie. Just do yourself a favor and learn how to talk to the QUEEN of Staten Island!!! [You] are a peasant and I am your ruler. Get that straight and we shall be good. Whoever messes [with] the queen shall face [the] consequences.

Naturally, Guadagnino couldn’t let Pivarnick have the last word. Their back-and-forth relationship is something many Jersey Shore fans have come to expect. He continued to push Pivarnick’s buttons, making fun of her number of Twitter followers.

Upon her return to Twitter, Pivarnick’s profile only had 70-something followers. “A queen with 70 followers?” Guadagnino questioned. “It’s a glitch [you] moron,” Pivarnick replied. “Get it together. And for your info, a queen can have 0 followers and still be better than your lunatic a*s.” 

Is Angelina cool with Vinny? 

When MTV confirmed another season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, both Pivarnick and Guadagnino shared the news on social media. Considering the mounting tension between Pivarnick and the rest of the cast — especially after Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s birthday dinner — many fans wonder where Pivarnick stands with her roommates.

At this time, it’s unclear whether she considers any of the cast friends, including Guadagnino. Fans will have to wait to see what unfolds throughout season 4, but unfortunately, that won’t be until sometime in 2021.