‘Are You the One?’ Season 8 Episode 4: We’ve Figured Out the First 3 Matches (Spoiler)

Are You the One? is a matchmaking dating game that begs the question: If your perfect match was right in front of you, would you even know it? The singles are matched using a dating algorithm, and through challenges and dates, must figure out their perfect match. For the first time in the franchise’s history, Season 8 consists of sexually fluid and nonbinary identifying singles. There are also only eight matches this time because anyone could partner up with anyone.

On the first night, singles already coupled up including Kai and Jenna and Amber and Nour but are they really perfect matches? We believe the following couples are perfect matches, based on the matchups at the first three ceremonies and the correlating beams. Who are they? Keep reading to find out: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Are You the One Season 8 Perfect Matches
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Are ‘Are You the One?’ Season 8 Kai & Danny a perfect match?

Kai has already committed himself to Jenna, and Danny doesn’t have a connection with anyone in the house yet. Danny also doesn’t get much screen time, but he’s a software developer who says he’s not “a complete square” and into “freaky” things. He also likes gender-bending and has walked around the house before in a bra and skirt.

On the first night, Kai and Danny laid together while Danny felt his chest, but the two haven’t been seen together much since. They ended up sitting together at the first matchup ceremony because they were the only ones not chosen, and Kai picked Danny at the third because he is a confirmed no match with Jenna.

They sat together in the first matchup ceremony and again in the third, with both revealing two beams. For the second ceremony, they did not sit together but still received two beams. The only couples repeated from the first ceremony were Basit and Jonathan, Amber and Nour, and Kylie and Kari. Danny and Kai chose each other for the third ceremony, where again the house had two matches correct.

The only couples repeated were Kylie and Kari, who have sat together for all three ceremonies so far, and Kai and Danny. Therefore Kylie and Kari are the consistent perfect match, and Danny and Kai were the second beam for this ceremony.

Are ‘Are You the One?’ Season 8 Kylie & Kari a perfect match?

Basit and Kylie partnered up for the first Getaway Challenge and worked so well together that they won the Getaway Date. Basit, whose preferred pronouns are they and them, opened up to Kylie about their drag persona, Dionne Slay. Kylie received it well because she wants something different and doesn’t judge anyone. They both agreed there is potential to be a perfect match and the two exchanged a kiss.

After Kylie returned from her date, Kari talked to her privately and opened up about her past abusive relationship. While Kari explained the situation, Kylie related to it because of a similar experience she had with a very controlling ex-girlfriend. The two have been inseparable ever since, even though Kylie made out with Nour during a party.

As previously mentioned, Kylie and Kari are the only consistent match so far in the game. They have sat together at all three ceremonies and received two beams every time, with another varying between three couples: Amber and Nour, Basit and Jonathan, and Danny and Kai. The latter of the two are most likely the second beam because Amber and Nour and Basit and Jonathan did not sit together for the third ceremony.

Are ‘Are You the One?’ Season 8 Basit & Jonathan a perfect match?

Basit has had his eye on Jonathan and his “mane” since day one. However, Jonathan initially wanted Justin. After he walked in seconds after Justin and Max finished making out in the closet, Jonathan began focusing on his connection with Basit. At first, Jonathan struggled to get Basit’s pronouns correct, but they opened Jonathan up and made him feel comfortable.

Therefore, Jonathan said they could be a perfect match, even though he is not physically attracted to Basit. After what seemed like a breakthrough in their relationship, Jonathan decided to choose Brandon at the third ceremony instead, upsetting Basit. They told Jonathan after the Matchup Ceremony that it was time for a break.

Danny and Kai and Kylie and Kari are practically confirmed perfect matches. However, Basit and Jonathan and Amber and Nour both could be the third. The two couples sat together at the first two ceremonies, but neither chose each other for the third ceremony.

Forgetting math and using compatibility, Basit and Jonathan are more likely the perfect matches over Amber and Nour. Even though the girls are “wifed up,” Nour’s jealousy is too reminiscent of Amber’s past. Therefore, the matchmakers would likely pair her with someone who appreciates her kindness.

To find out if these couples are perfect matches, watch Are You the One? Wednesdays at 9 P.M. EST on MTV!