Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian Have This Surprising Hassle in Common

Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian are two famous celebrities, though they became known for different things. Grande is a singer who has released several hit singles over the past few years. Meanwhile, Kardashian is a TV personality who is also a star on one of the longest-running reality shows in history.

Despite their two different careers, Grande and Kardashian have to deal with some similar problems, such as this one issue that several celebrities before them have also encountered.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Ariana Grande is suing Forever 21 for stealing her likeness

Ariana Grande recently launched a lawsuit against shopping retailer Forever 21 for stealing her likeness. The singer is claiming Forever 21 has been using a model that looks like her on social media after the two sides did not come to an agreement on an endorsement deal.

According to the complaint that was filed with a court in California, Forever 21 and Grande had discussions about a possible endorsement deal where the retailer could use Grande to promote its products. However, that deal fell through because “the amounts that Forever 21 offered to pay for the right to use Ms. Grande’s name and likeness were insufficient for an artist of her stature,” which was reportedly “well into the six figures” per post.

After the discussions ended and no deal was able to move forward, Forever 21 went on to simply style a model to look like Grande. In several instances, the model also posed in the same way as Grande did. Some of Grande’s lyrics – most notably from her song “7 Rings” – also were used as captions for the posts without her permission.

Grande is seeking $10 million in compensation. The star is represented by Daniel Petrocelli, who has worked with O.J. Simpson, Donald Trump, and Harvey Weinstein.

On Forever 21’s side, the company said that they are “huge supporters of Ariana Grande and have worked with her licensing company over the past two years.” They are also hoping that both sides can come to “a mutually agreeable resolution.”

Kim Kardashian was engaged in a similar lawsuit years ago

In 2011, Kim Kardashian herself also sued a clothing retailer for stealing her likeness. After Old Navy premiered a commercial that was thought to feature a Kim Kardashian look-a-like, the reality starlet brought forth a lawsuit against the Gap (Old Navy’s parent company).

A statement from Kardashian’s lawyers read: “Old Navy used Kardashian’s likeness in the form of a celebrity look-alike, and styled the infringing ads to evoke Kardashian’s identity and persona.”

The model that Old Navy used in the commercial was Melissa Molinaro, who also happened to be dating Kardashian’s ex, Reggie Bush, so it seemed to have been a personal fight for Kardashian.

The case was eventually settled in August 2012, but it is not known what the terms of the settlement were.

Other celebrities who have sued over their likeness being used

Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian are not the only famous people who have gotten into lawsuits over brands misusing their images. In fact, when one is a celebrity whose image has the power to make money, it’s likely that a company could try to take advantage of that to improve their sales.

For example, Lindsay Lohan once sued the makers of Grand Theft Auto V for featuring a character in the video game that looked too much like her. She eventually lost that lawsuit when the court ruled that the character did not resemble her.

Additionally, after Donald Trump became president, his wife Melania Trump started seeing an increase in products bearing her name and face in her home country of Slovenia. She hired a law firm to warn these product sellers that they are violating her personal rights, though it does not seem as if any lawsuit has been brought forward.