Ariana Grande Controversy: Fans Are Upset With the Singer Over This Comment on JonBenét Ramsey

Ariana Grande makes a lot of comments on social media, which means that she’s bound to have at least one foot-in-mouth moment. That day came on July 27 when the “7 Rings” singer made a joke about JonBenét Ramsey, the 6-year-old beauty queen who was murdered in 1996.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Photo by C Flanigan/Getty Images

She experienced immediate and widespread backlash over the comment, with many fans slamming her on social media. Here’s the remark that has fans all riled up.

Grande’s comment on Ramsey went down on Instagram

According to PageSix, Grande’s friend, Doug Middlebrook, posted an Instagram photo of a magazine cover featuring the late child star. He captioned the photo, “No one has done more covers.”

The “Ghostin” crooner commented, “i cant WAIT for this to be your halloween look,” to which Middlebrook replied, “working on it already.”

As many already know, Ramsey was found murdered in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home on Dec. 26, 1996 — just a day after Christmas. To make matters worse, police zeroed in on her parents, leaving them under a cloud of suspicion over a decade. But officials later cleared them as suspects, thanks to DNA evidence. As of writing, the murder is still unsolved

So obviously, people are not happy that the 26-year-old recommended that her friend dress up as a murder victim for Halloween. (Middlebook’s comment has since been deleted.)

“Ariana is a 26 year old woman who we would think would be mature but instead had the audacity to go under Doug’s post about JonBenet Ramsey and proceeds to type ‘i cant WAIT for this to be your halloween costume. ’ and she put a motherf****** heart to it too…” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another added, “Wait WHAT?? [Someone] who was violently killed, strangled and suffocated cannot be anyone’s costume.”

Grande later opened up about the joke

A day later, Grande took to Twitter to say sorry. “It’s not at all funny. This was out of pocket and I sincerely apologize,” she wrote in a tweet.

According to BuzzFeed, the singer also apologized for the comment on July 29 in a now-deleted tweet. “Sorry I’m so f***** up,” she wrote. “Dark jokes are a coping mechanism for me and yet I hate when other people make them. Thank y’all for being real & always helping me learn. I’m happy I have a fearless fanbase who’s not afraid to call me out on my sh**. Love you.”

While some people forgave her, others weren’t so moved. Some people said she only apologized because of all the criticism. “ left the comment for a whole day,” one fan tweeted. “You only [apologized] once you saw that we called you out on it.”

This isn’t Grande’s first controversy

In 2015, Grande visited a donut shop, where she was seen licking donuts and saying she “hates America.”

“She kept wanting the donuts in the back because my bakers were baking at that time,” the store’s owner, Joe Marin, told Us Weekly of the moment. “So my employee kept going in the back to go get the donuts that they were baking, [then] she brought them out there and put them on top of the donut display, and [Grande] sent her to go get some more.”

When the employee went to go get more donuts, Grande, Marin said, looked around and then licked “two of the donuts.”

She later offered an apology for the moment. “Seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly, that you have no idea was taken, is such a rude awakening, that you don’t know what to do — I was so disgusted with myself,” she said in a video message.

“Not here to make any excuses or justify my behavior, because I can’t. … I’m just here to apologize,” she continued.”

Well, that’s a start.