Ariana Grande Cuts Tie With Celeb Photographer Marcus Hyde Over These ‘Shocking’ Accusations

A famous photographer, known for his work with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande, is in hot water after allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances towards women he was working with surfaced online. Marcus Hyde allegedly used his position as a photographer to take advantage of women trying to become successful in the industry. Since Kardashian and Grande had previously promoted his work and character, the public is looking to them for a reaction. How have they handled the situation? 

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

What are the allegations against Marcus Hyde?

Several women have come forward with stories about Hyde pushing them to do more than they were comfortable with during their photoshoot. But these stories had largely remained hidden until Sunnaya Nash’s recent experience went viral. She had a conversation with Hyde over Instagram messenger discussing a possible photoshoot that left her feeling uncomfortable. 

During the conversation, Hyde told Nash that he would take pictures of her for free, but she had to be naked. When Nash told him she was okay with nudity, but wouldn’t send him nudes, Hyde stated he’d charge her $2,000 for the session. “Gotta see if you’re worth it,” Hyde wrote. 

The exchange left Nash feeling disgusted, so she decided to post it publicly to her account. The next day, @DietPrada reposted the exchange, bringing it to the attention of it’s 1.5 million followers, and encouraging other women who had experiences with Hyde to come forward. Like CamiRadd, who told The Daily Beast that Hyde encouraged her to touch herself, and then put his finger inside her during a photoshoot. 

How has Ariana Grande responded to the accusations against Marcus Hyde?

Grande, who has worked with Hyde in the past, responded to the accusations by posting a message to her followers on Instagram. Although she did not mention Hyde by name, she did encourage models and artists to stick together in rooting out inappropriate behavior. 

The message, written in typical Grande fashion without capital letters, read in part: “i have just read some shocking and really heartbreaking stories. i hate that this is a conversation. [sic]” It continued by encouraging models and artists not to shoot with any photographer that makes them feel uncomfortable. She also stated that no one should have to take their clothes off if they don’t want to and that the artists should stick together to lift up photographers who behave professionally. 

Grande also took the opportunity to shout out three photographers who she has had positive experiences with and encouraged others to use them instead of Hyde. The message does no longer appears on Grande’s Instagram account.

How did Kim Kardashian respond to the accusations against Marcus Hyde?

Kardashian has been a big supporter of Hyde in the past. Last year, when the photographer was involved in a near-fatal car crash, Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, donated $25,000 to helps with Hyde’s medical bills. She even once referred to him as her “friend.”

But when the accusations against Hyde began to surface, Kardashian was quick to distance herself. In an Instagram story, that has since been deleted, Kardashian expressed her concerns over Hyde’s behavior. According to The Daily Beast, the message read in part: “My own experiences have always been professional, and I am deeply shocked, saddened and disappointed to learn that other women have had very different experiences.” 

Kardashian then went on to express her full support of every woman’s right not to be harassed. She also applauded the women who spoke out against him. 

Other celebrities, such as Bella Thorne, Michelle Visage, and Shay Mitchell have also spoken out against the harassment of women in the industry on their social media accounts. Since the accusations, Hyde’s Instagram account has been deleted and he has not publicly commented.