Ariana Grande Has an Upside-Down Christmas Tree to Ring In the End of 2018

Ariana Grande |Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Billboard

No one has had a year full of trials and tribulations like Ariana Grande. 

The singer knows of her tough year and is bidding adieu to 2018 (much like the rest of us), by having an upside-down Christmas tree as a metaphor for her amazing yet heartbreaking year.

Her brother, Frankie Grande, posted the photo of the tree 

Ariana Grande decided to go the alternative route and have an upside-down Christmas tree for the holiday season. 

In a photo posted by Frankie Grande on Instagram, the actor was seen sitting on the floor of Ariana Grande’s NYC penthouse apartment looking up at the tree that is suspending from the ceiling.  

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˙˙˙ɐʇuɐs ɹoɟ ƃuᴉʇᴉɐʍ

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In the caption, Grande wrote, “waiting for Santa” in an upside-down text because you know aesthetic is everything when it comes to Instagram! 

When asked about her tree by TMZ Grande replied, “I don’t know man. Sometimes life be upside-down.”

Shortly after her brother posted his photo, Grande posted her own photo of the tree but leaving out a caption.

This tree signifies Ariana Grande’s year

The idea stems from the singer’s music video “No Tears Left To Cry, where she reflects on the Manchester bombing, a day that turned her life upside-down. 

Not only did Grande have to endure that tragedy this year, but she also had to live with news of her ex-boyfriend’s, Mac Miller, death.

Not only that but a few short weeks after news of Mac Miller, the singer called off her engagement from comedian Pete Davidson.

Since going their separate ways, Davidson has been facing extreme hate from fans claiming he was the reason his and Grande’s relationship did not work.

After a very alarming cry for help on his Instagram before deleting his account completely, Grande has since tried reaching out and even see Davidson but the comedian has avoided his ex-fiancé at all costs.

In these past 12-months, Ariana Grande has experienced things most people could not even begin to imagine dealing with.

Even though she had a tremendously successful year with her music, she still had to endure a few things along the way.

Things are still beautiful if you look at them upside-down

Even with her Christmas tree suspending from the ceiling, it still looks just as beautiful if it were standing upright.

Even though Ariana Grande had a topsy-turvy year, a beautiful tree, a beautiful album, and a beautiful human being came out of 2018.

After sharing her tree with the world, the singer then made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon along with a few SNL alums for a special Christmas episode.

Grande then closed out the show by performing her soulful ballad “Imagine”. During the performance, the singer hit every single whistle tone that even the angels above could hear.

With such a beautiful song and a beautiful voice to go along with it, Grande has proved that even in the darkest of times, the most beautiful things shine brightly for all to see.

2019 is already set to be a fantastic year for Ariana Grande (her ‘Sweetener’ world tour commences in March) so let’s say “Thank U, Next” to 2018  and ‘hello’ to the new year!