Ariana Grande Is Proving Just How Big Her Heart Is

Ariana Grande has been doing everything she can to help during the growing COVID-19 pandemic. She’s encouraging people to stay home and is donating to different relief organizations. But the pop star is now sending money directly to people who are struggling financially amidst this crisis. And Grande fans are completely blown away by her generosity. 

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Ariana Grande is encouraging folks to stay home

In an effort to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Ariana Grande took to social media and urged young people to recognize the severity of the situation. “Please don’t turn a blind eye,” she wrote in a Twitter post. “It is incredibly dangerous and selfish to take this situation lightly.” 

Grande also encouraged her Twitter followers to reach out to their senators and encourage them to approve a relief bill that could help those in need. “Instead of responding with your frustration (that I totally agree with and support) call your senators,” she wrote in the Tweet.  “We need them to support this plan. Everyone deserves to be financially supported and feel safe at home during this time.” 

In a followup post, Grande pointed out the urgency of the crisis and the financial impact of the pandemic. “Please support h.r.6201 which has passed the house,” she tweeted.  “This bill will provide people w necessary financial support in terms of paid sick leave / unemployment due to corona virus / isolation / prevention! Please contact your senate to support the passing of this bill ! Urgently.”

The pop star has donated to various relief organizations

In a March 19 Instagram story, Grande shared her concern for those financially affected by social-distancing measures. “While we are social distancing and doing the best we can to protect one another, my heart hurts for the small business, individuals, and families affected by all of this,” she wrote.

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The pops tar listed a number of organizations she is sending donations to, including the Opportunity Fund, GiveDirectly, Feeding America, Croce Rossa Italiana, and the World Health Organization. She also encouraged her followers to donate if they could.

Ariana Grande fans are in awe of her generosity

In an interview with Page Six, a Grande fan opened up about how the pop star sent money through Venmo to help. “She reached out and took care of my salary for the month,” the fan revealed. Reportedly, Grande has reached out to more than 20 fans and sent them $500 to $1000 each, and sent one fan a whole month’s salary.

After seeing how committed she is to her fanbase, Grande fans expressed their gratitude for the singer and her generosity on Twitter. “I just read that you have been secretly giving money to your fans that are greatly in need,” one fan wrote on Twitter.  “Just wanted to acknowledge how generous you are and thank you for everyone that you’ve been helping! God bless and stay healthy!”

“Thank you so much for reaching out to stans who need help,” another Grande fan tweeted.  “Such a kind, generous soul. we appreciate you.”