Ariana Grande, Lizzo, and This Presidential Candidate Just Had the Cutest Exchange on Twitter

In “celebrity/public figure exchanges you didn’t expect to see,” Ariana Grande set Twitter on fire with her back-and-forth with Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Sanders and Grande tweeted each other on Oct. 25 after she and Lizzo dropped their new remix of “Good as Hell.”

The pop star’s exchange with Sanders and Lizzo was trending after just two hours on Twitter on Friday afternoon.

Ariana Grande on stage
Ariana Grande performing in London | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Lizzo dropped her “Good as Hell” remix feat. Grande on Friday

Lizzo and Ariana Grande combined forces to release an incredible remix of the former’s 2016 hit “Good as Hell” on Oct. 25. Lizzo had already kinda-sorta announced the collaboration with a hint (in the form of a “grande” Starbucks latte) on Instagram Live on Thursday.

Just after midnight on Friday, Grande took to Twitter to express her gratitude for the collaboration, writing: “the most fun. thank you @lizzo for having me on this remix!! i love you, your energy and this record so so much. ‘good as hell’ remix out now!'” She was active on Twitter all day, responding directly to fan questions and compliments about the remix.

Lizzo also shared her excitement about the song, which was originally on her 2016 EP Coconut Oil, writing on Twitter: “I GOT A BOTTLE OF TEQUILA AND A REMIX FOR YOU” and dropping the link.

Praise for the remix came pouring in from fans

Fans raved about Grande’s and Lizzo’s collaboration, which featured an all-new verse from Grande in the self-love anthem. It quickly became one of the top 10 songs on iTunes.

In the “Good as Hell” remix, Grande mutters “thank God” to Lizzo’s mid-song line “I got a bottle of tequila I been saving for you.”

Then she sings a verse of her own: “Cause he better know my worth/there’s so much that I deserve/but I ain’t worried now, I’ma let my hair down/He been tryin’ it, but not today/so girl, if he don’t love you anymore,” with both of them joining in to sing the chorus.

In addition to garnering plenty of praise, the pair also seemed to have a great time working together. When asked by one fan what it was like to work with Lizzo, Grande responded, “i really love her a lot. she’s the kindest, funniest, brightest light. i can’t wait to spend more time togetha.”

Grande got an unexpected response from Bernie Sanders about a Lizzo lyric

Grande, who’s known for sharing favorite lyrics from her own songs and others’ with her fans on Twitter, shared an iconic line from the song “Good as Hell” just after 1 p.m. on Friday.

“baby how u feelin,” she wrote, referencing the song’s chorus (“I do my hair toss/check my nails/baby how you feelin’?/feelin’ good as hell”). The tweet drew plenty of attention, getting over 100,000 likes in just a couple of hours. Lizzo herself (and hundreds of fans) quickly responded with “FEELIN GOOD AS HELL.”

But presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had a slightly different response. From his verified account, Sanders quote tweeted Grande’s original tweet and replied, “Ready to fight for Medicare for All.”

He then got a little more serious, sharing a clip from his recent interview about the #Medicare4All platform with Jimmy Kimmel.

Fans loved the surprising exchange between Grande and Sanders, writing “This is the crossover I never knew I wanted” and “no I can’t breathe.”

Grande quote tweeted Sanders’ response, writing simply, “screaming.” Lizzo retweeted Sanders’ response to Grande’s tweet as well.

Grande and Lizzo aren’t the only celebrities to have a run-in with Sanders recently. He was also endorsed by Cardi B earlier this year. The candidate sat down with her in August for an interview about topics like minimum wage, the working class, and healthcare.