Ariana Grande Loves This ‘Star Wars’ Character Just As Much As You Do

It’s always fun to see our favorite celebrities interact with internet culture. Those who grew up in the spotlight, like Ariana Grande, have been a part of it themselves for many years. It’s clear that the pop superstar enjoys a good meme, whether it’s about Victorious or something completely unrelated to her. Here’s her latest obsession.

Ariana Grande loves a good meme

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Keeping up with what’s going on online can feel like a full-time job. But some people are just naturally good at it. Maybe it’s because she has a team of people, or because she’s young, or just because she’s an overachiever, but Grande is seriously up on internet culture, especially memes.

Grande’s fans know this about her and frequently respond to her with memes. And sometimes they even make her into one, which she really seems to enjoy. But more on that to come.

She’s been touring a lot lately

Even for a pop star, Grande is exceptionally busy. She put out two albums, Sweetener and Thank U, Next, in subsequent years. From those came her Sweetener World Tour, which has been ongoing.

Grande is currently on the final stretch of her U.S. leg of the tour. Given how much she’s been doing, it may not be surprising that she got very sick, and had to cancel a show. But Grande has continued to persist.

Grande loves Baby Yoda memes

Throughout all of this, Grande is on social media communicating with her fans a lot. And so while she likely doesn’t have time to watch The Mandalorian (a new Star Wars TV series on Disney+), she is familiar with the internet’s latest obsession stemming from it: Baby Yoda.

Grande’s fans know how much she loves adorable memes, so they shared with her images of the character in various forms. The first features lyrics from her song “in my head,” which she completed (adding another Baby Yoda pic). The second is about her song “Moonlight,” that fans have been urging her to sing on this tour. Grande responded, “crying lmao. I promise it’ll happen.”

She especially loved this ‘The Mandalorian’ scene repurposed

That last one is a big sticking point for some fans. Given Grande’s extensive catalog, there will always be plenty of songs that she can’t get to while touring. Recently, she’s been focusing on her Christmas music from her EPs Christmas Kisses and Christmas & Chill. But fans are pleading with her in an adorable fashion.

One Twitter user took a clip from The Mandalorian and repurposed it. In the video, “Arianators” (the same for Grande’s fans), as represented by Baby Yoda, keep trying to get her to play “Moonlight,” while Grande (as the titular character) insists on a different track, “get well soon.” The singer retweeted the clip, adding “omg,” and shared it on Instagram.

When will Grande’s tour end?

It’s not just that Grande’s recent tour has been going on for so long — it’s that she’s been doing so many shows with hardly any breaks in between. She’s essentially been touring straight through since March 2019, and some fans are worried that she needs a rest.

Well, it’s almost here. Grande concludes her tour this month. As for what 2020 holds, she’s already shared with fans that she’s working on a live album from the tour, so stay tuned for more on that next project.