Ariana Grande Is ‘Not In An Official Relationship’ Says Brother Frankie

Singer Ariana Grande’s latest single, “Boyfriend,” is about being into someone but not actually putting a label on the relationship. Ever since it came out, the rumor mill has been churning, with many believing that the concept came from Grande’s own life. But then, her brother, Frankie Grande, seemingly confirmed that she was in a committed relationship. So what’s the real story?

Ariana Grande’s love life is always being dissected

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Chances are, you’re well-versed in Grande’s love life if you’re reading this. Even so, here’s a look back: Grande has dated quite a few actors and musicians. When she was younger, there was Graham Phillips, followed by Jai Brooks. 

But most are more familiar with her later years. Grande dated rapper Big Sean, with whom she collaborated on tracks, as well as the late Mac Miller. And, of course, there was her whirlwind romance with comedian Pete Davidson, which ended in 2018.

There were rumors that she was dating Mikey Foster

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The past month or so has seen a spike of interest in Grande’s dating life. This began with speculation that she’s involved with Mikey Foster, half of the rap group Social House. Social House has been opening for Grande on her latest tour, and after they made the “Boyfriend” music video together, in which Foster and Grande played a couple of sorts, rumors escalated.

Of course, Grande has been firm on her stance that she’s remaining single in 2019, which she first wrote in a tweet on Jan. 1 of this year. However, Grande has since deleted the tweet in question, so there could be some truth to this rumor. 

Grande’s brother Frankie seemingly confirmed the rumors

Frankie J. Grande and Ariana Grande pose at the 2016 MTV VMAs
Frankie J. Grande and Ariana Grande pose at the 2016 MTV VMAs| Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Grande, of course, said nothing to confirm or deny that she and Foster are together. However, her older brother, Frankie, was recently at a movie premiere in Los Angeles, and, in a comment, seemed to indicate that the rumors were true.

“I love Mikey. I think he’s a really sweet guy. So talented. So kind and so caring,” he told Us Weekly. “He’s a great guy.” Frankie apparently referred to a “double date” that he and his boyfriend, Hale Leon, went on with his sister and Foster, saying, “It was really fun.”  

He back-tracked on his statement

It didn’t take long for Frankie to rescind his statement on Twitter. He then deleted the tweet, in which he wrote, “My sister is not in a relationship. Everyone relax. She is very much single.” Frankie clarified further to Us Weekly, saying, “Ariana and Mikey Foster are not in a relationship, she is single. and my comments about our recent hang as friends were not meant to be taken literally,”

He elaborated. “Hale and I were on a date, which is why I referred to it as a double-date when we had plans with them, without realizing what the term insinuated about THEIR relationship outside of my own. It was literally four people meeting up as friends, and I would never comment on something so personal about her life anyway.”

Who is Frankie Grande?

Grande’s older brother, Frankie, has been in the business nearly as long as she has. After graduating from college, he began to perform in productions both on and off-Broadway. He is a singer, dancer, and producer, and is also known for his YouTube videos.

These days, Frankie is busy with myriad projects, including starring in the musical Rock of Ages in Los Angeles, being an activist for animal rights and veganism, and, naturally, supporting his little sister. 

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