ARMY Pays Homage to BTS’s Accomplishments in Response to Critics

Just one day after BTS released a music video about their passionate fan base, ARMY is defending BTS from critics. While BTS’s music is not being criticized, some social media users downplayed the effects of BTS’s cultural movement. To combat the naysayers, ARMY trended hashtags in support of BTS.

BTS | Andrew Lipovsky/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

ARMY did not appreciate the hate BTS received online

On Twitter, a French ARMY account tweeted a notice that fans were vandalizing BTS albums and leaving hateful messages about the group in a store. Elsewhere, social media users downplayed the effect BTS has had on the South Korean economy.

“what ARMY said: BTS’ success was a boost to SK’s economy what they heard: BTS created south korea. before BTS debuted, there were no south koreans. the entire economy hinges on map of the soul: persona’s sales,” a Twitter user joked.

In response to the messages, ARMY trended #Korea_pride_BTS on Twitter with over 500,000 tweets. International fans trended the hashtag in Korean, while Korean fans trended the hashtag in English. With the hashtag, ARMY spread positive messages about BTS’s international impact.

“Also the fact that intl Armys were trying to trend a positive tag for BTS in Korean and K-armys joined the tag trending in English. y’all see? language was never a barrier for us. The way we connect is more precious than anything. #한국의자랑방탄소년단#Korea_pride_BTS,” one fan tweeted.

ARMY praised BTS’s cultural impact

While BTS has achieved international fame, the group has done so by keeping their Korean identity. The group sings in Korean, embraces Korean music, and spreads Korean culture wherever they travel. With the #Korea_pride_BTS hashtag, ARMY celebrated the cultural impact BTS has made.

“Despite having achieved so much, @BTS_twt always try to spread the korean culture and never forget their roots. They carry korea with them to everywhere they travel. Pride of their nation and pride of all of us! #Korea_Pride_BTS#한국의자랑방탄소년단,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“Totally, absolutely, every single day I am SO so proud of them for spreading our culture and language around the world, for being genuinely good people that only bring pride and good news,” a fan tweeted.

Fans just appreciate BTS for who they are

As Bang Si-hyuk, the founder and Co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, said in a recent interview, part of the reason BTS is so successful comes down to luck. However, the co-CEO credits the members’ “sincerity, consistency and ability to embody the spirit of the times.” Because of this, ARMY simply appreciates BTS for staying themselves and delivering their message to fans.

“When we look at all @BTS_twt has achieved, it’s not just about album sales. The success comes from their genuine connection to people. You don’t become a fan, you become part of a loving family. Their hard work doesn’t equate $, they contribute so much more. #Korea_pride_BTS,” a fan tweeted.

BTS has caused an entire movement. Because parts of it depended on luck, it can be baffling for some to understand why the group is so successful. This confusion over BTS’s success and the meaning behind it can manifest into people disliking the group.

“not to deep it, but I fully believe that people can see that BTS’s purpose is bigger than themselves… it is a cultural shift. and with change, always comes tension and anger and violence in its wake. people tend not to enjoy having their norms/knowledge challenged,” a Twitter user wrote.