ARMY Thinks BTS’s Comeback Will Be ‘Wings’ 2.0 and We Are Jungshook

ARMY is on high alert because BTS could literally drop a comeback announcement at any time. BTS and Big Hit Entertainment have teased that the group is working on an album and it will be worth the wait. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure how long that wait will be.

While fans speculate about the release date, they also wonder what the concept of the next album will be. So far, a majority of fans think BTS’s next album will take on a darker concept like Wings or Love Yourself: Tear. After BTS’s MAMA performance, a callback to the Wings era seems likely, and we are shook at the thought of it.

BTS comeback
BTS | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

BTS’s comeback might not happen until February 2020

When will BTS’s next album drop? Who’s to say. While BTS and Big Hit Entertainment have confirmed that production of the album is well underway, they have not confirmed any sort of release date.

BTS only had one official comeback in 2019 with Map of the Soul: Persona. Midway through the year, fans began to suspect the group would release a second album from the Map of the Soul series in October or November. After BTS started dropping official hints about the album, it became clear the album would not arrive until 2020.

During BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] concerts, the Melon Music Awards, and the Mnet Asian Music Awards, BTS played VCRs during their performances. Fans picked up on two different dates hinted from the VCRs: Jan. 10 and Jan. 24.

According to a new report, BTS is planning to release a new album in February 2020. Big Hit Entertainment responded to the report and said the company was working on an official statement regarding the comeback’s release date.

Fans suspect the album will be a darker concept like ‘Wings’

For months, fans have suspected that BTS’s new album will have a darker concept. After Jimin dyed his hair gray for Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] in October, his look was reminiscent of the Wings era.

“we all know that if Jimin has gray hair in the next comeback and the concept looks like ‘Wings’ THEN IT’S GONNA BE OVER FOR ALL OF US,” wrote a Twitter user.

In BTS’s MMA performance, the group revisited every past era except for the Wings era. This led to more speculation that Wings was left out on purpose, either because it’s similar to their next comeback or the third album in the Map of the Soul series.

“So if BTS comeback for Shadow is them going back to HYYH what will the Ego album be Wings? Because I don’t know if I can handle another Blood Sweat and Tears,” a fan tweeted.

While BTS’s MMA performance did not reference Wings, their MAMA performance appeared to. In one of the VCRs, the members of BTS appear in circles that resemble the album art of Wings. The VCR also incorporated the same dark imagery as VCRs from the Wings era.

“OMG yes yes yes!! My mind went straight to WINGs. I think they pointed towards the emblems more than once,” a fan tweeted.

BTS fans think the comeback album could be called ‘Map of the Soul: Ego’ instead of ‘Map of the Soul: Shadow’

After BTS released the music video for “Intro: Persona” earlier in 2019, fans realized that “Persona,” “Shadow,” and “Ego” were written on a chalkboard together. Fans deduced that Map of the Soul: Shadow and Map of the Soul: Ego are the next two installments of BTS’s Map of the Soul series.

Based on the order of the words in the music video, fans assumed that BTS’s comeback album would be Map of the Soul: Shadow. This seemed to be further confirmed after VCRs from BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final] concerts put an emphasis on shadows.

After BTS’s MMA and MAMA performances and VCRs, some fans began to speculate that Map of the Soul: Ego will be the title of BTS’s next album. At 2019 MMA, the set for RM’s performance of “Intro: Persona” also had “Ego” written several times around the room.

“someone also mentioned that the ‘shadows’ during MMA video were actually projections, as seen by the glitches. They were no actual shadows. And projections are related to the Ego, projecting a self which is then filtered by persona…,” a Twitter user wrote.

“These Greek Gods represent the inflated Ego. Because what is better than seeing and presenting yourself as an incredibly powerful being? I believe the next album is going to be about the Ego and how to deal with that aspect of the Self,” a fan tweeted.