ARMY Trends #BTSxJingleBall for BTS’s Jingle Ball Performance

On Dec. 6, BTS performed at iHeartRadio’s KIIS Jingle Ball. The Korean band opened the show with three songs with some of the loudest cheers of the night. On Twitter, ARMY trended #BTSxJingleBall worldwide to celebrate the group’s performance.

BTS Jingle Ball
BTS | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

BTS opened KIIS Jingle Ball

At KIIS Jingle Ball, BTS opened the show. The group performed three songs, “MIC Drop,” “Boy With Luv,” and “Make It Right.” For the performance of “Boy With Luv,” Halsey joined BTS on stage as she is featured on the track.

Even though BTS’s setlist was short, ARMY made the most of it. BTS’s performance came after they won eight Daesangs at the Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards this past week. BTS made history as the first and only group to have a clean sweep of the Daesangs from both award shows in the same year.

“They really performed mic drop after sweeping all of those daesangs @BTS_twt#BTSxJingleBall,” a fan tweeted.

“They were perfect. They were everything. I’m so glad I’m here. I’ve missed them so much. #BTSxJingleBall@BTS_twt,” wrote a Twitter user.

BTS made Jingle Ball their own concert

As BTS often does, the group turned Jingle Ball into their own concert even though their set was only around 15 minutes long. A large number of the concert attendees were BTS fans, and fans brought their ARMY Bombs and cheered their trademark fan chants during the performance.

“BTS change every place into BTS concert… the power they hold #BTSxJingleBall#JingleBall2019@BTS_twt,” a fan tweeted.

“JINGLE BALL WHO??? WE ONLY KNOW BTS CONCERT #BTSxJingleBall#KIISJingleBall@BTS_twt,” one fan tweeted.


ARMY trended #BTSxJingleBall worldwide

So many people were talking about BTS’s 15-minute Jingle Ball performance the hashtag #BTSxJingleBall trended at the No.1 spot on Twitter in the U.S. and worldwide. Even though the concert was not streamed, some fans in attendance provided fancams on social media, drawing in the hype from around the world.

Based on BTS’s past week, their impact around the world is clear. In one week, BTS performed and won awards at MMA in Seoul, performed and swept awards at MAMA in Japan, and opened KIIS Jingle Ball in Los Angeles.

With the trending hashtag, fans demonstrated the large demand for BTS worldwide. If KIIS Jingle Ball proves anything, it’s that BTS brings their energy and impact wherever they go.

“bts, artists who get barely any radio play, performed for 15 minutes at an event organised by radio and STILL had more impact than any other artist who attended – if that don’t show ppl who’s relevant and where the demand is then idk…,” a fan tweeted.

“It must still be so surreal for @BTS_twt to grasp the impact they have. Imagine knowing you’re performing 3 songs, in Korean, in an English speaking line up of household names, in a country that’s not your own & then seeing the venue filled with YOUR fans. CHILLS. #BTSxJingleBall,” wrote a Twitter user.