‘Arrested Development’ Season 5: Questions We Still Need Answered

It has been five years since Season 4 of Arrested Development released, following a major revival in public interest on Netflix. The show originally aired three seasons on Fox from 2003-2006, eventually being canceled and seeing the stars of the show go in different directions.

It was hard for Arrested Development to get everyone back together for Season 4, and the end result was disjointed and ultimately unsatisfying (until we got the recut version). Even still, the show remains extremely popular among its loyal following. Now that Season 5 is almost here, so let’s take a look at 10 major questions we have left following Season 4.

1. Will the family ever be back together?

The Bluths standing together in front of shipping crates

The actors clearly aren’t even in the same place for this promotion for Season 4 of Arrested Development. | Netflix

Season 4 of Arrested Development was extremely disjointed, due to unfortunate schedule conflicts from the shows many stars. There were few, if any, instances where the family was all together. One scene featured the whole family at the penthouse but was creatively filmed from different angles. The purpose was to cut it up and place it from different points of view in several episodes.

A byproduct of writing and filming Season 4 this way was that it really broke up the family that Michael had worked so hard to hold together over the previous three seasons. George Michael and Maeby are old enough to be on their own, George Sr. and Lucille have apparently split, and Lindsay and Tobias seem to have ended their marriage for good.

Will Season 5 bring the family back together again?

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2. G.O.B. and Tony Wonder

GOB and Tony Wonder on Arrested Development

Will they pursue a romantic relationship? | Netflix

One of the biggest twists of Season 4 was the story between G.O.B. and Tony Wonder (Ben Stiller), which resulted in the two rivals developing affection for each other. In a huge mistake on G.O.B.’s part, the pair end up having sex on the night of Cinco de Cuatro, and the aftermath is witnessed by Michael.

G.O.B. covers that up by giving his brother a “forget-me-now,” but the question remains: Where will this clearly-romantic relationship go? Will G.O.B. struggle to accept his sexuality the way he struggles to accept his son, Steve Holt?

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3. George Michael and his father

George Michael and Michael Bluth on Arrested Development Season 4

Will the father-son duo be able to repair their relationship? | Netflix

The biggest underlying theme of Season 4 was the way that George Michael finally began to grow up and find independence from his father, Michael. At the same time, Michael became more dependent on his son than ever in the face of his professional failures. Things come to a head at the end of the final episode, when George Michael discovers that he and his father are dating the same girl, actress Rebel Alley (Isla Fisher).

When George Michael learns that his father knew they were both dating the same woman, and that he had just lied to him about it, he punches his Michael in the face. It’s kind of a cliffhanger ending. We’re really needing to know where these two go in their deteriorating relationship.

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4. Oh, Tobias you blowhard!

Tobias on Arrested Development

Tobias has had a rough go of things. | Fox

After three seasons of subtly joking that Tobias may be lying to himself about being gay, Season 4 just comes right out and says it. And Tobias, of course, denies the whole thing. After briefly buying a home together, Tobias and Lindsay finally split for good — or at least, it seems like it’s for good.

His storyline is a bit convoluted, involving himself with a washed up, drug-addicted actress and then putting on a Fantastic Four musical, for some reason. But the key takeaway here is that Tobias continues to chase his acting dream, however unsuccessfully. We last saw him sailing away on a sinking ship on Cinco de Cuatro, but assuming he survived, how can they better integrate Tobias back into the family?

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5. What will happen with Fakeblock?

George Michael on Arrested Development Season 4

George Michael is ready to change the internet — sort of. | Netflix

George Michael just wanted to create a woodblock app. But he went down a major road with a lie, telling people that Fakeblock was a major privacy software innovation. It even helped him successfully land his first real girlfriend, Rebel Alley. Last we saw of Fakeblock, George Michael was addressing the crowd at Cinco to proclaim that it’s totally real … even though, it isn’t.

What will come of George Michael’s scheme? Will being outed as a fraud tear up his relationship with Rebel Alley? And most importantly, will his role on the show continue to become less and less important in relation to his father, Michael, now that the actor (Michael Cera) is 30 years old?

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6. George Sr. and Lucille

Lucille and George Sr. on Arrested Development Season 4

Their relationship is probably over for good. | Netflix

It’s no secret to fans of Arrested Development that George and Lucille have had a tumultuous relationship. He cheated on her constantly – primarily with hookers and his assistant, Kitty – and she had a public relationship with his twin brother, Oscar, after he went to prison. But last we saw with these two, Lucille was demanding a divorce.

George had been suffering from low testosterone throughout Season 4, and had truly become a shell of the man he once was. At the same time, Oscar had been seeing a jump in his testosterone, and had been pretending to be George to get back with Lucille. Our final image of George Bluth was him wearing a wig and pretending to be a woman.

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7. Who killed Lucille 2?

Lucille Austero on Arrested Development

The death of Lucille Austero should make for an exciting hook for the season. | Fox

The early word on Season 5 is that it’s going to be a murder mystery. We know few details about what, if anything, was done to Lucille Austero. But what we do know is that she has gone missing, and there is blood all over the stair car. Here is what Jason Bateman (Michael) had to say in an interview about the plot of Season 5.

“The central spine of that story of is the death of Liza Minnelli’s character, and a bit of whodunit … That’s sort of a central thread around which [creator Mitch Hurwitz] is going to braid in all the colorful plot complications that he knows how to do.”

Pretty much every single Bluth and Funke has some sort of motive, minus maybe George Michael.

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8. What about the wall?

Arrested Development Season 4

The story around building a border wall made Arrested Development ahead of its time. | Netflix

Arrested Development has an instance of art imitating life, with the fourth season featuring a major plot point regarding a wall being built between the United States and Mexico. The Bluth’s have always been somewhat of a parody of the Trump family, but George Sr. was trying to build the wall way before Donald Trump started campaigning on the idea.

At the very end, George was out of money and had discovered that his land at the border was actually entirely in Mexico. But with Lindsay campaigning for a political office and showing public support for building the wall, where is this all going?

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9. The Season 4 recut

Arrested Development Season 4

Will we ever get to see a recut version of Season 4? | Netflix

There has been a lot of criticism of the style in which Season 4 was released. Although Arrested Development has lived on callbacks to previous episodes and running jokes, the chopped up style of Season 4 too frequently left viewers confused. One character’s story would be told in one episode, while another character’s completely different story would be told in the next.

Series creator Mitch Hurwitz heard the criticism and spent some time recutting the season into 22 episodes featuring some previously unused footage and new narration from Ron Howard. However, it’s nearly two years later and the cut has yet to be released. Will we ever get the less-complicated cut of Season 4?

As it turns out, we’re finally in luck. The recut version Season 4 of Arrested Development was released on Friday, May 4.

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10. When will Season 5 release?

The Bluths posing in front of a home

We’re impatiently waiting for the new season. | Fox

We waited seven years for Season 4, and so far we’ve waited five more years for Season 5. And, now we finally have a release date: May 29 is when the first half of the season (eight episodes) will land on Netflix. So at the very least, we can be happy that we’ll definitely be getting more of the narcissistic Bluth family in the near future.

Additional reporting by Becca Bleznak.

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