‘Arrow’: Everything We Know About Season 4

It feels like just yesterday that Arrow first debuted on the CW, quickly turning into the harbinger of the extended TV universe for DC. Since then, we’ve seen three seasons, along with a companion show in The Flash, and soon Legends of Tomorrow. Each successive season of Arrow has seen our title character undergo major changes: Between Seasons 1 and 2, he vowed never to kill again. Between 2 and 3, he gained perspective on what it meant to be a hero. Now we’re about to head into Season 4, with perhaps even bigger shifts than ever for our hooded hero.

The tone of Arrow in its early seasons is starkly different than what we saw at the conclusion of its most recent one. Oliver Queen has gone through a lot in just three years, evolving from a vindictive street brawler into a morally strong superhero. There’s a reason that the show is responsible for the CW’s biggest audience, and Season 4 promises to be an intriguing continuation of this trend.

1. The new costume

Green Arrow - Arrow, the CW

Source: The CW

From the very beginning of Arrow, it was hard not to notice that the costume of our titular hero didn’t resemble the one we know from the comics in the slightest. Greg Berlanti’s early version for the show featured a full green leather get-up, eye-black, and a hood. Comparatively, the comics have the Green Arrow going sleeveless, wearing a green mask, while alternating between a hood and a Robin Hood-esque hat. As each season has gone on though, the CW’s outfit has slowly picked up pieces of the comic. Season 3 saw him put on the iconic mask for the first time, and now Season 4 will see the sleeveless look make its first appearance.