‘Arrow’: Fans Are Disappointed With This Costume Choice for an Iconic Character

Not for nothing is the CW’s slate of DC superhero shows called the Arrowverse.  Besides the titular show, this universe also includes Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and the newest entry, Batwoman. But Arrow was the show that started it all in 2012, and it is now in its eighth and final season. 

So it’s all the more disappointing to fans that the show made a questionable costume choice for Green Arrow in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Perhaps it’s a small matter in the grand scheme of things, but with long-running shows, there are few things more disappointing than a flubbed conclusion.

It all started with the Green Arrow

The cast of 'Arrow' at a San Diego Comic-Con panel
The cast of The CW’s ‘Arrow’ | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Once upon a time, the idea of a Green Arrow show might have seemed silly. To some DC fans, he was a poor cousin of Green Lantern, a glorified archer with a few fancy arrows. Producer Greg Berlanti and his team saw it differently, however. This comic book hero was a vigilante who sported no actual superpowers – just a lot of high tech and steely determination. In that way, Oliver Queen/Arrow was not unlike Bruce Wayne and Batman. 

The Arrowverse became an entity with the 2014 addition of The Flash, who had gotten an unsuccessful TV series in the 90s but this time stuck. Supergirl came next in 2015, although that show spent its first season on CBS before flying over to the CW. Legends of Tomorrow made its debut in 2016. 

With those four shows now all in the same place, they began doing crossover episodes with the heroes guesting on each other’s shows. The latest crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, was the most ambitious of them all, partly because it was bringing Arrow to a close, but unfortunately, the event struck a sour note. 

What’s wrong with the Spectre costume?

Arrow still has a couple of episodes to go after Crisis, so his costume in that crossover was meant to represent a transition to the character called The Spectre. Not to be confused with the villainous agency in the James Bond movies, this Spectre is considered a major character in the comics. The costume designers for Arrow understandably tried to base the Spectre costume on Arrow’s season 8 getup, but to hear Screen Rant tell it, the results didn’t take. 

Their analysis states, “But as much as it pays tribute to Oliver’s role in the Arrowverse, look-wise, it fails to capture the iconic visuals of the Spectre’s costume … the abundance of Spectre’s white skin also takes away the god-feeling aspect of the beloved DC hero. While the color of the hood-cape pays homage to Green Arrow’s color schemes, it also makes the design look cheap and reused, by Arrowverse standards.”

Fans on Reddit weren’t terribly impressed either. One fan cracked that “Oliver is looking like he is about to drop the biggest mixtape of the multiverse.” Another said that he looked “like a Sith lord from Star Wars.” These are not the comments the showrunners would like to hear. 

‘Arrow’ still hit its target and then some

However Arrow ends up wrapping, there can be no disputing that the show marked a milestone not only for DC television in particular, but DC as a whole. Just as Arrow prepares to fade out, Black Lightning is making its way in, and the other Arrowverse shows have just been renewed for additional seasons. 

Quite a few fans have stated that the Arrowverse, or Berlantiverse, as some call it, better represented the DC characters than their recent big-screen brethren have. There’s a general feeling that Warner Bros. dropped the ball with its DC Extended Universe, trying too obviously to chase the Marvel Cinematic Universe before DC laid the proper groundwork. 

By contrast, the general consensus is that the Arrowverse had a consistency of vision and tone throughout, taking their characters seriously without wallowing in the slick and dour visuals of Batman v. Superman or Justice League. And it all started with that glorified archer.