‘Arrow’ Season 4: What We Learned From the Trailer

As we quickly approach Fall, we also start to see the early trailers for the TV shows that follow. Once we start getting into the meat of late September/early October, suddenly we’ll find ourselves with almost too much to watch. Among other premieres hitting the airwaves during that inevitable tidal wave of television, we have Arrow, debuting October 7 on the CW. Over its three season run, the show has gone through something of a metamorphosis, as its titular hero has gone from cold-blooded killer, to retired superhero. Season 3 saw the Arrow quite literally drive off into the sunset for a happy ending, but we of course all knew this wasn’t going to last long.

Season 4’s trailer has officially arrived to tell us just how Oliver Queen’s happy life as an ex-vigilante will come crashing down around him. As much as we all want to see our favorite characters living happy lives, that fairytale ending doesn’t make for good television. With that, it appears as though the Arrow will be getting back into the superhero game to combat an enemy unlike any he’s ever seen before. Here’s what we caught in the 3-minute spot:

1. Oliver’s newfound happy life looks very un-Arrow

Arrow Season 4 Trailer - The CW
Source: The CW

Part of Oliver Queen’s reasoning behind hanging up his hood centered around his budding romance with the incomparable Felicity Smoak. The assumption at the end of Season 3 was that the two were off to live a life free of the chaos that seems to follow the Arrow everywhere he goes. In the opening moments of the new trailer, we see warm lighting and bright colors highlighting a peaceful break from the norm for the show.

2. Is Ray Palmer dead?

Ray Palmer - The Arrow, the CW
Source: The CW

In the closing moments of Season 3, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for our favorite characters. Ray Palmer, known familiarly as the Atom, was last seen working in his lab, before he accidentally triggered a massive explosion working on his super-suit. If the latest trailer is any indicator, that explosion ended Palmer’s life (as far as Starling City is concerned). We know that Palmer actually survived, based on the fact that he’s one of the main cast members on CW’s spinoff series, Legends of Tomorrow. But for now at least, this is largely unknown if an entire city being named in his memory is any indicator.

3. Team Arrow reassembles

Team Arrow - the CW
Source: The CW

Oliver and Felicity’s dream life couldn’t last forever, and while the two were hanging out in temporary retirement, Team Arrow lived on in their absence. The crew as it stands for the new season: Black Canary (now Laurel Lance), Speedy (Thea Queen), John Diggle (still without a superhero name), Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, and one new member that we’ll get to later on.

4. As promised, Constantine

Constantine, Arrow - the CW
Source: The CW

There was a considerable push from the Internet for the CW to revive the recently canceled Constantine. Unable to quite make it happen, the network is doing the next best thing and bringing back Matt Ryan as the titular sorcerer. John Constantine is known far and wide as a master of all things occult, making him a useful resource for Team Arrow in diagnosing any trouble Thea Queen may be having in her recent return from the dead.

5. Our first look at the newest Arrow villain, Damien Darhk

Damien Darhk - The CW, Arrow
Source: The CW

Last season, we were introduced to Damien Darhk briefly through word-of-mouth from R’as Al Ghul, as the arch-nemesis of R’as still at large. Now we’ll get to see him in the flesh, played by the appropriately sinister Neal McDonough. In the comics, Darhk is loosely connected to the criminal organization known as H.I.V.E. (think HYDRA only in the DC universe). Throughout the last three seasons, we’ve seen teases at H.I.V.E., with Floyd Lawton’s Deadshot mentioning them as the ones responsible for killing John Diggle’s brother, Andrew. Now Darhk has arrived to further his evil agenda, whatever that may be.

6. Sarah Lance is back from the dead

Sarah Lance - Arrow, The CW
Source: The CW

When last we saw Sarah Lance, she was being sent tumbling off a building with three arrows in her chest. With the introduction of the resurrection-giving Lazarus Pits in Season 3 though, we know that death is simply an obstacle to overcome in the Arrow-verse. Lance’s White Canary is also a founding member of the Legends of Tomorrow team, so it stands to reason that bringing her back from the dead first would be a necessary step to realizing this future for her.

7. Thea Queen doesn’t look OK

Thea Queen - Arrow, the CW
Source: The CW

Before bringing Thea back from the dead with the Lazarus Pits in Season 3, Oliver was warned that people who go into the Pit don’t come out the same. We saw no immediate evidence of this past some temporary amnesia, but now it would appear as though Thea’s beginning to experience the unfortunate side effects of her resurrection. This ties in perfectly to the appearance of Constantine, who likely holds key knowledge about what’s in store for both Thea and Sarah Lance.

8. Here comes Mr. Terrific

Mr. Terrific - Arrow, the CW
Source: The CW

Not to be overshadowed by everything else happening this season, Arrow will be getting its first openly gay character, Curtis Holt (played by Echo Kellum). In the comics, Holt is a super-genius billionaire, an Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon, a martial arts master, and by night is known as Mr. Terrific. His role on Arrow for now is far more limited than his comic book history may suggest, working under the supervision of Felicity at Palmer Technologies. When Holt will get to assume his superhero identity is unknown, but here’s hoping it happens soon.

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