Ashleigh Evans Says Jenelle Will Never Regain Custody of Her Kids

Jenelle and her sister have bigger problems than sibling rivalry, but they’ve decided to focus on ripping each other apart at the moment. Ashleigh is in the midst of a nasty divorce and an all-consuming custody battle. Jenelle is currently facing a significant loss of income while she tries to regain custody of her children. Both took a timeout from the bigger issues in their lives to trash each other. Ashleigh alleges that Jenelle will never get custody back, while Jenelle claims she’s got plenty of tea to spill about her big sis.

Ashleigh Evans claims about herself are a bit suspect

The older sister took to Facebook to introduce herself to the masses, and to let them know she wanted to be left alone. She let everyone new to her profile know that she is Jenelle’s sister, but she doesn’t want to hear anything about her. From there she gave her thoughts on Jenelle’s custody situation and assured her new fans that she was nothing like the rest of her family.

While Ashleigh doesn’t think her sister will be getting custody of her kids back ever again, she’s not exactly a credible source. Ashleigh and Jenelle don’t speak, so she might not be privy to Jenelle’s side of the situation, but the mother of two is in contact with her mother, Barbara. It’s possible Barbara has filled her in on some of the court proceedings.

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Ashleigh, however, did little to shore up her credibility. In fact, she took the opportunity to make some pretty wild claims about herself. She alleges to have an impressive education. The North Carolina native alleges to have graduated ‘pre-law school”, and now she’s been accepted to “pre-nursing school”. If you are wondering what those schools actually are, so are we.

Jenelle allegedly has a ‘file’ on Ashleigh Evans

Shortly after Ashleigh posted to Facebook, Jenelle took to her preferred social media platform, Twitter, to inform fans that her sister is “psycho” and that she doesn’t know anything about her current situation. The mother of three edited her post several times over the course of the evening.

Before editing her Twitter response Jenelle claimed she has a whole “file” on her sister and threatened to release it. No one knows what this file consists of. Could it be a digital diary? Could it be copies of her court documents? Who knows, but apparently it exists, and it includes Ashleigh’s skeletons.

The mother of three also called into question Ashleigh’s educational claims. Ashleigh isn’t the only Evans who makes lofty claims about their education, though. In 2018 Jenelle claimed she graduated from medical school, according to Reddit.