‘RHOP’ Ashley Darby on Katie Rost Blow-Out: ‘I Can’t Believe I Trusted Her In the First Place’

Ashley Darby and Katie Rost seemed to build a real friendship during the New Orleans vacation as they spent a lot of time together. Rost was also there for Darby after the huge blow-up between her and Candiace Dilliard.

However, their relationship soured after the mother-of-two told some of the other Real Housewives of Potomac ladies that Darby’s husband, Michael, made a comment insinuating he was gay.

The women ate the juicy bit of gossip up as they already believe he sexually assaulted a cameraman, even though a court of law dropped the charges due to insufficient evidence.

Betrayed by someone she trusted, on Real Housewives of Potomac Season 4 Episode 15, Darby confronted Rost during their vacation to the Cayman Islands. What happened, and what was Darby’s explanation for the fight? Keep reading to find out.

Ashley Darby Katie Rost Cayman Islands
Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost, Ashley Boalch Darby | Larry French/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ashley Darby confronted Katie Rost

Both girls, ready for a vacation for different reasons, accepted Robyn Dixon’s invite to the Cayman Islands. When they stood on the beach and watched the sunset, it quickly went from anything but peaceful as Darby called Rost out for talking bad about her behind her back.

She asked the mother-of-two about her comments referring to her husband as gay, to which Rost claimed it was about him not her. Rost also denied calling Darby stupid, only to call her dumb and stupid seconds later.

However, Darby claimed Rost was the dumb one because she had an unemployed man living with her after only knowing him for a month. The ladies then went to dinner, where the argument picked up right where it left off, with Rost calling Darby stupid.

The former Housewife tried to defend herself, claiming she merely joined in on a conversation that the ladies were already having. Once the women went back to their hotel, Rost again insulted Darby’s intelligence, to which the 31-year-old claimed Rost was not mentally stable enough to be in their group.

This upset Rost, as she’s currently going through a difficult custody battle with her ex-husband. The show ended after Rost responded to Darby’s comment, and in the previews for the next episode, Rost left the hotel.

Ashley Darby broke down the fight

In an after-show clip posted to Bravotv.com, Darby explained she thought she and Rost were rebuilding their relationship after spending so much time together on the New Orleans trip.

Therefore, she was shocked and hurt when Gizelle Bryant told her that Rost said upsetting things about her husband, especially because it was so different from what Rost presented to her face.

Darby believes Rost spread rumors about Michael because she wanted to be friends with Bryant and Dixon, and saw this as an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and get noticed. However, Karen Huger believed Rost’s story because, in her opinion, it matches Michael’s pattern.

Even though she doesn’t know what really happened, she thinks Darby is not telling the truth because she’s the “master of deflection.” Huger also said not only she but the other women, are not buying Darby’s story.

Dillard also gave her opinion about Darby and Rost’s fight, saying she thinks Darby is hurt because she trusted Rost. Finally, Darby acknowledged that it was her fault for trusting Rost a second time, but will never give her a third chance.

Will Darby and Rost repair their friendship? Watch Real Housewives of Potomac Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo to find out.