Ashley Martson of ’90 Day Fiancé’ Has Tense Phone Call With Jay Smith’s Other Woman

90 Day Fiancé has clearly left Ashley Martson reeling. The star recently revealed that she had to leave the country to avoid seeing a recent episode that she recalled as being particularly painful. She also spent a week at a wellness retreat and has recently had to deal with complications from lupus. All told, it’s hard not to feel sympathy for Ashley Martson — and that’s especially true after watching a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé in which she confronts Jay Smith’s alleged other woman. The tense phone call resulted in some interesting revelations.  

A brief marriage, thanks to infidelity

When Ashley Martson married Jay Smith in Las Vegas, she probably expected to have some sort of celebratory honeymoon. Unfortunately, the 90 Day Fiancé star caught her new husband chatting up other women on Tinder the day after their wedding. 

Ashley Martson decided to file for divorce eight months later. Martson ended up changing her mind and rescinding the paperwork for the divorce after only eleven days, but there’s no happy ending after. Martson discovered Smith cheating a second time and decided to divorce him for good. 

A source told InTouch, “Ashley is indeed filing for divorce after catching Jay cheating yet again. She has reached her breaking point and this is the final straw. She feels like she was an opportunity for him and she is hurt and disgusted.”

Ashley Martson thinks Jay Smith will be deported

Since then, according to Ashley Martson, Jay Smith has not left her alone. Martson discussed Jay Smith’s current situation with John Yates during an Instagram Live session. The 90 Day Fiancé star said that she has an upcoming hearing regarding Jay Smith’s future in the U.S. on August 7th. 

During her discussion with Yates, Martson said, “He will be deported on August 7 unless he runs, which is what I’m assuming he’s probably [planning].”

Martson went on to reveal that there’s currently a warrant out for Jay Smith’s arrest. “[Immigration and Customs Enforcement] has already been here to arrest him. They know where he works… I mean obviously if they come to my house at this point, I’m gonna tell them where he’s at. So I’m not sure why he’s still sticking around because we got a letter three weeks ago saying he has an active warrant for his arrest,” said Martson.

“The thing that’s really frustrating is he’s here illegally now… I did file for his adjustment of status, and then two weeks later he screwed up again, so I withdrew it,” Martson went on to explain.

The phone call with Jay Smith’s other woman 

In a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Ashley Martson had an uncomfortable confrontation. Martson had a revealing chat with the woman Jay Smith had been seeing on the side. 

The woman called Martson, and started off the discussion by saying, “I just wanted to call you and to basically kind of face this, apologize.”

She went on to add, “I had no idea that you and him were together. Obviously, if I had known, I wouldn’t have done what went down. So I just wanted to let you know the truth.”

The woman went on to explain that she met Jay Smith during a 2018 cookout. She then explained how she and Jay Smith hooked up. “I had come into the barbershop and getting ready to start the tattoo, and he kinda was like touching me, kind of caressing me and then one thing kind of just lead to another. We went into the bathroom and had sex.” 

Martson was obviously angry, especially because Jay Smith kept insisting he never had sex with the woman in question. Martson made it clear that she believed the other woman was innocent. “She was not thrilled they showed her photo on the show and I couldn’t agree more. She didn’t know he was married,” said Martson. “She was innocent in the situation,” added Martson.