Ashley Martson of ’90 Day Fiancé’ Reveals Jay Smith Refused to Leave Her House

90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Martson is officially split up with Jay Smith after his scandalous infidelity. However, Jay Smith doesn’t seem to be entirely out of her life just yet. In fact, in a recent Instagram Live session with John Yates, Martson revealed that she has a hearing coming up that will help determine Smith’s future in the U.S. She’s also made it clear that, since their divorce, Smith hasn’t truly left her alone. In fact, it was a major struggle for her to even get Smith to leave her home after their split.

Divorce over infidelity

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith tied the knot in Las Vegas, but whatever honeymoon they may have had planned was cut short. Martson discovered Smith talking with other women over tinder only one day after their wedding. Suffice it to say Martson was not happy. Eight months later, Martson filed for divorce, but it seems as if she wanted to give Smith another chance. 11 days after filing, she withdrew her paperwork.

Unfortunately, Smith let Martson down. Martson caught Smith cheating a second time, and filed for divorce again. In an Instagram post, Martson wrote, “It’s all fun as games until your ass gets deported. Have fun at the strip club with MY money and MY car you’re driving around without a license!”

InTouch chatted with an inside source, who told them, “She has reached her breaking point and this is the final straw. She feels like she was an opportunity for him and she is hurt and disgusted.”

Ashley thinks Jay will be deported

In an Instagram Live session with John Yates, Ashley Martson revealed that she and her 90 Day Fiancé co-star will be having a hearing on August 7 to determine Jay Smith’s fate in the U.S. Martson told Yates, “He will be deported on August 7 unless he runs, which is what I’m assuming he’s probably [planning].”

Martson went on to reveal that Jay Smith actually has a warrant out for his arrest. “[Immigration and Customs Enforcement] has already been here to arrest him. They know where he works… I mean obviously if they come to my house at this point, I’m gonna tell them where he’s at. So I’m not sure why he’s still sticking around because we got a letter three weeks ago saying he has an active warrant for his arrest.”

According to Martson, Smith is currently working as an unlicensed tattoo artist. She alleges that he’s even called her and offered her money to rescind the divorce. “It’s not ‘if.’ He ‘is’ going to get deported, and he knows he is. And he even called me. He went to the attorney and he said like, ‘I’m f-cked.’ Like he even offered money — like, ‘Can I pay you to withdraw the divorce?’” explained Martson.

Kicking Jay out of the house

According to Ashley Martson, Jay Smith moved out of her Pennsylvania home a few months ago, while Martson was visiting Texas. Apparently, it wasn’t so easy to get him to move out.

Martson explained the scenario to Yates. “We were not getting along — he was sleeping with multiple women — so I actually, we got the money for [filming] the [90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?] Tell-All. When we film the Tell-All, we get paid that day,” explained Martson. “So I actually offered to pay two months of his rent to get him out of my house because he wouldn’t leave my house. Yeah, that’s how he’s there in his own apartment… He has family in Miami. His parents are here illegally, they live in Colorado. Like he has places to go, so I’m not sure why he’s still here.”