Ashley Tisdale Is ‘Glad’ She Did 1 Thing Before Getting Pregnant

Ashley Tisdale rose to fame in the 2000s as a Disney Channel star. She is best known for her work on the shows The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Phineas and Ferb. Additionally, she was also a well-known face in the High School Musical franchise.

These days, Tisdale is in her 30s and going through a new chapter in her life. She recently announced her pregnancy, and Tisdale also revealed she is “glad” to have done one thing before becoming pregnant.

Ashley Tisdale is married to music composer Christopher French

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Tisdale began dating Christopher French in 2012. French is a music composer who has produced songs for many shows and movies. In fact, he created the theme music for the sitcom Young & Hungry, which Tisdale executive produced and acted in.

Tisdale and French got engaged less than a year after they started dating. She revealed in an interview in 2013 that she knew instantly French was the right partner for her, which is why they got engaged quickly.

“I’ve obviously been in long relationships in the past. But I think because of knowing what I wanted, I wouldn’t have gone into a relationship if it wasn’t what I wanted,” she said, as reported by Us Weekly. “I think from the moment that him and I met, I just knew it. I was like, ‘Ok this is the guy,’ and he knew the same thing. It doesn’t get any better. I just can’t explain it.”

Tisdale and French got married in Sept. 2014 in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, California.

Ashley Tisdale announced her pregnancy on Sept. 18

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Six years after tying the knot, Tisdale and French announced they are expecting a baby. On Sept. 18, 2020, Tisdale shared the news with fans in a blog post on her lifestyle website, Frenshe.

Tisdale began her post by explaining why she did not have a baby right after getting married like most people expected of her.

“For YEARS it has been the question from everyone since I got married,” Tisdale said. “At first, I rebelled against it, and like clockwork, after I got engaged EVERYONE (and I mean everyone!) asked when I was getting married. Then, once I was married, everyone was asking when I was having kids. To be honest, it just felt invasive. I wasn’t ready for that step yet and I wanted to be selfish and have Chris all to myself for a while. Honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Tisdale also shared with fans how her pregnancy has been going. She wrote, “It hasn’t been an easy first trimester, but everyone is different and I know there are people who’ve had it way worse. I definitely fall somewhere in the middle where I didn’t just have nausea, but threw up a couple of times and felt like I’ve had stomach flu for three months (Lol!).”

Ashley Tisdale also revealed she is ‘glad’ to have done 1 thing before getting pregnant

Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

In her post, Tisdale revealed she is “glad” to have “worked on myself” before getting pregnant. As she explained, a part of that is establishing a “strong foundation” for her marriage with her husband for six years.

Fans might also recall Tisdale has been working a lot these past few years. Not only was she acting in shows and movies, but she executive produced content as well. Additionally, in 2019, she released “Symptoms,” her first album in 10 years.

It’s clear Tisdale has accomplished a lot in her career, and it seems she is now ready to embark on a new adventure as a mother.