Ashton Pienaar from ‘Below Deck’ Isn’t the Only Crew Member to Turn into Captain Lee

The new FaceApp has just about everyone on Instagram hitting old age as a number of people are apparently interested in finding out what they will look like decades into the future.

Some people have learned they look like relatives or friends later in life. Or they look like their boss. Ashton Pienaar from Below Deck tried the app and looked eerily like the Stud of the Sea, Captain Lee Rosbach himself.

Captain Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Rosbach | Greg Endries/Bravo

Pienaar couldn’t help himself and poked at Rosbach, which started some pretty playful banter on Twitter. But Pienaar isn’t the only crew member who has some resemblance to Rosbach in the future. Indeed, another crew member tried the app and he too may be vying for the Stud of the Sea position someday.

There can only be one ‘Stud of the Sea’

Pienaar opened the dialog with a tweet and a link to his Instagram image. “Hey ⁦@capthlr⁩ everyone seems to think I could grow to be the next stud of the sea…I know those are some big shoes to fill.”

Crew member and second stew Josiah Carter saw the tweet and ribbed his former crew member. “Let’s not get the wind in your sail too much @AshtonPienaar there’s only one [stud] of the sea!!”

Rosbach also saw the tweet and had a comment. “@AshtonPienaar you may want to wait until I vacate them first buudy. I’m not tossing in the towel anytime soon so I hope you brought lunch, it may be a while. Lol, just jerking your chain pal.” Chief stew Kate Chastain hilariously added, “Pack a lunch.”

But what about…

Another crew member tried the FaceApp too and his results looked somewhat along the lines of Rosbach too. João Franco from Below Deck Mediterranean posted his FaceApp image to Twitter and Instagram.

“Occupation- Yachtie. Experience- 2 years. Age- 29,” he wrote along with the aged image. While Pienaar may have a closer resemblance to Rosbach, Franco is still looking good. One follower observed, “You’re like a mix of @capthlr and Brad Pitt here lol.” Another follower remarked, “Like a mix of Tom Hanks and capt lee lol.”

Overall, most comments were positive too. “I can dig it,” one person wrote. Another Twitter user wrote, “Damn, u even look fine as wine old!!!!” Looks like Franco’s followers were definitely digging the look.

Why is everyone so into a face aging app?

Gender changing apps were hot recently, but the face aging app is just as hot. What gives since society seems to be obsessed with youth? “Conceivably, in a youth-obsessed society where old age is cast as objectionable, FaceApp lets us safely picture ourselves as aged (it’s us with our younger bodies, just with a face full of wrinkles and salt-and-pepper hair),” according to Quartz. “We can do this without confronting the health-related realities and ravages that come with age.” 

Or maybe it is something else entirely? “Maybe by looking age in the face, we’re going to be able to handle the real thing better…,” Kenzie Bryant wrote in Vanity Fair. “Maybe our discomfort with aging and death can be treated with a kind of exposure therapy: you confront the age demon by staring it literally in the face and…laughing?”

The app was called into question recently too. Data and privacy concerns surfaced after discovering who created the app, according to The Washington Post.