Aspiring ‘Below Deck Med’ Chefs Can Now Cook Like Chef Adam

Chef Adam Glick from Below Deck Mediterranean made an exciting announcement on his Instagram account about how he is combining his love of cooking with the great outdoors.

The charismatic chef has been traveling the country for his Outside TV show, Stoked, showing viewers how to cook in the wild. During his cooking segments, his killer knife skills are always on display. But like most chefs, Glick needs to travel with a line of sharp, unyielding cutlery.

Adam Glick
Adam Glick |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

As a result, Glick has dedicated his energy and ingenuity toward creating a revolutionary chef’s knife that is not only effective but also compact. He linked to his inventive new product on Kickstarter, plus he shared exactly why he’s so enthusiastic about these knives.

Knives designed for the chef on the go

Glick shared a beautifully shot video explaining how the Adventure Chef Collection was born. He begins by sharing he’s an avid outdoorsman. “After 10 years of traveling on the ocean, 90,000 nautical miles, five road trips across America,” he shares. “I’ve realized I love to cook outdoors.”

In Glick’s series, Stoked, he takes viewers to some of the most breathtaking locations in North America. Glick will typically engage in a local outdoor activity and then expertly prepare a meal for his guests in campfire style.

As a result of his travels, Glick moved forward with finding a way to enhance the outdoor cooking experience. “There’s one problem though,” he says in the video. “I need a knife that can keep up with me.”

Functionality meets accessibility

While this knife can work in the kitchen, it really shines for the chef on the go. “I need a chef’s knife I can take with me on an adventure,” he continues. “Packs easily in a glovebox, easily in my backpack, something more mobile.”

He partnered with Messermeister Knives to design the chef’s knife that folds like a pocketknife. “As a professional chef I only use top-quality equipment,” he says. “What if that quality in the kitchen, I could also have outside by the creek next to my campfire? The time has come.”

Glick shows viewers the portable knife kit chefs can now enjoy. This includes a portable cutting board and, of course, the folding knives. “Having folding knives, not only is it safer and capable of going into my pocket, but they’ll stay sharper longer. And are substantially more compact.”

Offered exclusively on Kickstarter

Currently, the Adventure Chef Collection is offered exclusively on Kickstarter. Enthusiasts can pledge $249 or more to score the entire six-piece set, including cutting board and case. For a pledge of $129 or more, chefs can receive the three-piece set with cutting board and case. For those who want to wait until it is on the market, a pledge of $5 or more will help Glick bring the set to the masses.

He reminds outdoor chefs why this set is going to make cooking by the campfire far more satisfying. “Picture yourself campside, trying to cut up an onion,” he visualizes. “You get these big, oblong, awkward shapes. Enough. We can now cook like real chefs and at-home chefs outdoors, camping with the family.”