Austin Butler Will Play Elvis in the Upcoming Biopic, But Who Will Play Priscilla?

It’s official, Austin Butler is signed on to play Elvis Presley in a still-untitled biopic about The King. Butler, best known for his role in Switched at Birth and The Shannara Chronicles, is one of two actors who have been officially linked to the project. Tom Hanks is signed on to the project as Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’ manager. Now that the project is gaining more traction, everyone is wondering who will take on the role of Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ wife.

What era will the biopic cover?

Elvis’ had an illustrious career until his death in August 1977 at the age of 42. The biopic, however, looks like it will span about 20 years of The King’s life. The bulk of the script allegedly covers Elvis’ rise to fame, according to Vanity Fair.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley
Elvis and Priscilla Presley | Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

The script is also rumored to include his time in Germany, where he initially met Priscilla. Considering the pivotal role Priscilla played in The King’s life, her role in the film will likely be a large one, too. Finding the perfect accompaniment to Butler’s casting will be essential.

Who could play Priscilla?

While there is no official word on who is being cast as Priscilla Presley, rumors are swirling that Lana Del Rey is interested in taking on the part. According to Radar Online, the actress has allegedly been hounding her manager to get her in front of Baz Luhrmann.

Del Rey does bear a striking resemblance to Priscilla. However, there are a couple of problems. Since the film will cover Elvis’ meteoric rise to fame, including his first meeting with Priscilla, casting agents will probably be looking for a younger actress. Elvis first met Priscilla in 1959. At the time, Priscilla was just 14 years old. Elvis was ten years her senior. Del Rey’s acting resume is also pretty light.

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Del Rey, at 34, is likely a bit too old to play the role of Priscilla, at least Priscilla at the time that the couple met. She is, however, a massive Elvis fan, and has even recorded music for projects related to The King.

When will a casting decision be made?

It’s unknown when a casting decision regarding Priscilla will be made. Butler’s process was a lengthy one, and for weeks, it was believed that Harry Styles would win the leading role in the biopic. Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller were both considered for the role, as well, according to Vanity Fair.

Several other pivotal roles will also need to be filled. It could be weeks before additional cast members are announced. As it stands, the production house is remaining quiet on who exactly is up for the role of Priscilla. Del Rey’s interest in the role is the only media mentions related to the casting.