‘Avengers: Endgame’: 1 of the Movie’s Most Emotional Reunions Almost Didn’t Make the Cut

Now that Avengers: Endgame is over, the writers and producers are offering tidbits of information concerning the storylines and plots created for the film. They made many changes with this movie, several of them taking place with the final battle between the Avengers, their friends, and Thanos. Screen Rant lists a few changes they made for that battle, but there was one that made the biggest impact and tugged at the heartstrings of many fans: the feel-good scene where Tony Stark and Peter Parker reunite after Peter “died” at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

What did the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ reunion scene originally look like?

'Avengers: Endgame' cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ cast on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ | Randy Holmes via Getty Images

Back in the planning stages, the writers plotted out the scene to be wittier than what we actually saw on the movie screen. Originally, they planned for Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Pepper Potts to take the scene with a few others in the background. Tony’s reaction to seeing Peter again didn’t give as much impact as the new scene does. It had him introducing Peter to Pepper, in the comedic fashion that you know him by. Tony was to say, “Uh, Peter, do you know Pepper?” Then the two would make niceties with “Nice to meet you.”

There have been other bantering scenes before between characters meeting on the battlefield. Captain America and Groot is one of the more memorable ones from the Wakanda battle. This one between Peter and Tony played off as too comedic considering the emotional scene shot between the two in Infinity War when Peter started fading away after the fatal snap from Thanos. Humor just didn’t work in this scene, so the writers changed it to be more emotional and to only focus on the two characters.

What makes the new scene so emotional?


Since Peter Parker’s introduction as a superhero, we’ve seen him develop a mentor/mentee relationship with Tony, who originally sought to bring him onto the Avengers team. Stark seemed to become more like the Dad Peter didn’t have in his own personal life. This made the end of Infinity War heartbreaking when Thanos destroyed half the universe.

Peter stumbled into a hug with Tony Stark, and with fear in his voice told Tony that he didn’t want to go. Tony was powerless to stop it, and Peter faded away with Stark by his side. Endgame started with the remaining team, including Stark, trying to deal with the loss of their friends.

Would the scene work the way they originally planned it?


While it sounds humorous to have Tony Stark’s wit in the middle of a raging battle going on, it likely wouldn’t have worked. The emotional scene we saw with Peter Parker and Tony Stark when the young Spider-Man “died” in Tony’s arms pretty much demanded an equally emotional scene when the two reunited again. After all, it was his fondness for Peter Parker that motivated Tony to help the Avengers go back in time and get the stones in the first place.

When you think about it, any father figure who lost someone they cared about would’ve gone in for a hug instead of making some funny quips when that person showed up again. Adding the extra element of Peter blabbering about his experience as Tony steps forward to envelop him is what many fans have come to expect from these films. It’s also fitting that the end of Endgame, Tony is the one who passes away with Peter nearby, bringing the storyline full circle.

The writers and producers of Endgame did the right thing by changing their original plot for that reunion to the new emotional one. Without it, the conclusion to the relationship we saw grow and develop between the two would never have made sense.