‘Avengers: Endgame’: The Best Jokes From the Marvel Movie

What sets Marvel movies apart from the rest of the superhero genre? Sure, there’s cohesive plots, character development, and mind-blowing action — but when it comes down to it, what most people want to talk about are the jokes. The MCU as a franchise has taken some time to narrow down its tone, and it certainly varies film to film, but overall, this is a pretty funny group of super people. Here are some of the best gags from the most recent (and successful) flick, Avengers: Endgame.

Everyone loves America’s ass

If this wasn’t in your top five jokes from the movie, you probably don’t really enjoy MCU humor. The joke here is that Captain America’s behind is, well, the super. It’s stunning, really. And after the amount of time we’ve taken to appreciate his pecs, his biceps, and his impressive jawline (all compliments of a super serum), it was past due that we discuss his other assets.

The joke begins with Tony Stark from the year 2023, who, along with Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Scott Lang, travels back to the year 2012, during the Battle of New York. Watching the Avengers from that day as they corner Loki, he says that the old Cap’s uniform “did nothing for his ass.” To that, an Ant-Man-sized Scott told 2023 Steve, “Don’t listen to him — that’s America’s ass!” This continued later on when the two Steves battle each other, with the older, wiser Steve complimenting his own backside.

Thor plays Fortnite

Thor experiences what can only be described as PTSD-like symptoms after killing Thanos and discovering that the Infinity Stones are gone. He goes into hibernation for a couple of years, it would seem, during which time he holes up in New Asgard and — plays video games?

When Rocket and Bruce come to get him out of his funk, they encounter an overweight, disheveled, and perpetually drunk God of Thunder. While the fat jokes weren’t exactly in great taste, it was undeniably hilarious to see mighty Thor using his deep, commanding voice to yell at a kid who was harassing Korg while they played what is apparently still the most popular multiplayer game four years from now.

Tony Stark meets Rocket

Poor Rocket. Though he does, as Peter Quill points out in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, very closely resemble a raccoon, all Rocket knows is that he is who he is. So it’s kind of distressing for the guy to constantly have people comparing him to different animals: Thor has lovingly dubbed him “Rabbit,” but other not-so-nice names include “trash panda” and “triangle-faced monkey.”

Unsurprisingly, the king of snark, Tony Stark, has his own denotation for Rocket. After he’s brought back to Earth and is in pretty dire health, Tony snaps at all of the Avengers, including this new member. When Rocket speaks, Tony says something to the effect of, “Honestly, at this exact second, I thought you were a Build-A-Bear.”

Hulk is famous now — but Ant-Man’s not

A pivotal element to the plot of Endgame was that Scott had been trapped in the Quantum Realm for five years. When he returns, he discovers that even though very little time has passed for him, a lot has changed on Earth — including the Avengers themselves.

Both he and the audience were surprised to see the creature known in the comics as Professor Hulk — Bruce Banner managed to fuse his two selves together into one super smart, super strong being. What’s more, he’s now famous. A group of kids come up and ask to get a photo with Hulk, leading Ant-Man to feel a little left out. The exchange between the two heroes in which Hulk tries to make Scott (who he’s never met before) feel better is one of the film’s most naturally comedic.

Time travel in the movies is… confusing

This might be the Marvel movie that spends the most time talking about other movies. On top of The Big Lebowski and Raiders of the Lost Arc getting tiny nods, basically every film that deals with time travel is name dropped in one very notable scene.

Geniuses like Professor Hulk (and, apparently, Nebula) feel pretty confident in their understanding of time travel, which they quickly use to debunk everything pop culture has ever taught us. Scott and Rhodey list every film they can think of, from Back to the Future to A Wrinkle In Time, all of which, according to the rules of this film, are completely wrong. It’s an almost-too-meta kind of joke, because it’s as if the Endgame writers are saying, “Hey, we might not have it exactly right here, but neither did anyone else.”

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