‘Avengers: Endgame’: Chris Hemsworth Favorite Part Might Surprise You

There a bit of a hunger for more comedy in superhero movies, something we’ve only seen in the Deadpool franchise at a daring R-rated level. Marvel hasn’t offered much in the way of wild comedy in that vein, other than witty barbs among the Avengers.

In the case of Thor, it’s a different story thanks to Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi pushing to bring a little wackiness to the God of Thunder.

It turns out Hemsworth finds the version of Thor in Avengers: Endgame his favorite of any, which maybe isn’t surprising considering how humanized it made the character.

If there was far more comedy in Ragnarok, the alcoholic, depressed, and overweight Thor in Endgame is an angle we support as much as Hemsworth does. Showing the true weight (so to speak) of being a superhero still hasn’t been explored on a dark level, at least at Marvel.

Thor’s emotional breakdown after the defeat by Thanos

Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet
Chris Hemsworth | Don Arnold/WireImage

Let’s stop and consider how emotionally strenuous it was for Thor when Thanos ended up turning most of the Avengers to dust in Infinity War. For someone like Thor, the guilt trip of this happening would be more than anyone could take, no matter if they have so-called powers.

Seeing Thor have a breakdown and become a brooding alcoholic due to the above scenario was a bit of a shock to those used to the machismo of Thor. For an actor wanting more realism, it was probably refreshing. No wonder Hemsworth cites this part of the Thor arc to be his favorite.

The range of going from comedy in Ragnarok to the tragedy of Thor’s breakdown in Endgame is truly breaking barriers in what we’ve ever expected of a superhero. While some fans might have found it bordering on the absurd Thor would become an alcoholic and grow a pot belly, no one should discount it for bringing a real sense of reality to the burdens these heroes have.

After all, Thor’s tragic arc fits right in with others (often war heroes) who’ve had to face unfathomable odds and became mentally scarred due to losses they couldn’t control.

Will we see that more human side to Thor in ‘Love and Thunder’?

We know Natalie Portman will likely be the star of the show in Love and Thunder, yet Chris Hemsworth will still be back as Thor. Based on the comic book editions of Jane Foster, Portman may have to portray her own personal afflictions.

Foster in the comic books battled breast cancer while superseding the role of Thor as he still battles personal demons.

With such a compelling plot in play there, we can’t help but think this is exactly what Love and Thunder will entail: offering a chance for Hemsworth to show his dramatic acting chops alongside Portman.

If some might suggest Portman would clean the clock of Hemsworth in acting skill, we shouldn’t count out what he’s capable of doing. Since he knows the Thor character by heart, he could provide further insight into the psychological baggage a superhero like this would face in a real-world situation.

Even though Thor did redeem himself in Endgame, seeing him continuing to battle PTSD, depression, and anxiety could set the path for more realistic superhero movies.

Real superheroes and fictional superheroes intersecting

There is a real world of superheroes out there, or those who dress up and interact within their local cities at night to help stave off crime. Some might call this a form of vigilantism, outside of those people being very human with their own problems. What’s going on internally in those people is likely more complicated than they ever let on.

Having this world cross over to making Thor experience issues with mental health is really treading a new road. Now we can see why Hemsworth wants to keep playing Thor for as long as possible since he’s showing off all of his skills in one place through a studio ensuring a good box office take.

After box office disappointments elsewhere, we almost root for Hemsworth to find all his best acting challenges in Thor, something that won’t go unnoticed in others copying the more human superhero.