‘Avengers: Endgame’: Everything to Know About the End Credits Scenes

Avengers: Endgame is coming. The film’s premiere is literally right around the corner and the internet is buzzing about everything EndgameFans have been searching high and low for clues about what Marvel has in store for them in the fourth and final installment of The Avengers franchise. They’ve already torn apart Avengers: Infinity War, end-credits and all. But now that news that the “final” scenes of Endgame have been leaked, fans can’t contain their excitement. 

What is an MCU end-credit scene?

It isn’t just the insane action, fantastic acting, and crazy effects that keeps fans coming back to see Marvel films in theaters. The comic book giant also sprinkles Easter eggs throughout their movies to keep fans on their feet. But that’s not all. Many, if not all, Marvel films include scenes both in the middle and at the end of the credit roll. Sometimes these scenes are just in good fun, but a lot of the time there are Easter eggs and hints about what viewers can expect to see in the future. 

For fans that really follow the universe to a tee, these scenes are crucial aspects to the viewing experience. If it doesn’t explain the connection, it at least gives them the tools they need to come up with all kind of theories about how the characters intertwine between the different movies and series!

What was the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ end-credit scene?

Avengers: Infinity War left viewers gripping their armrest until their knuckles turned white! The war was insane and with tons of good character lost, the air in the movie theater was grim. After all, moviegoers had no idea what would come next. That’s where the end-credit scene comes in.

After the credits rolled, there was a scene; one that baffled audiences while giving them just enough hope to hang on to Avengers: Endgame could hit theaters. For the first time in what is literally forever, Nick Fury and Maria Hill make an appearance together. The last time fans caught them on the big screen was in 2015 during Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The duo is riding along when they pick up something from Wakanda. Then there is a sudden car crash and the situation hits the fan. That’s because this is the very moment where Thanos’ snap nixed half the population, including tons of their superhero friends and Hill. A helicopter crashes behind Fury, another telltale sign of a life lost to nothingness.

Fury quickly whips out a device to send off a distress signal right before he too vanishes. When the camera pans down to the device audiences see Captain Marvel’s insignia. This scene not only set up the iconic superheroine for her own movie, which was terrific, but it also let fans know that the beloved heroine would be joining the squad in the finale!

‘Avengers: Endgame’ end-credit scene may have been leaked

The directors have done what they can to keep news about Avengers: Endgame under wraps — including anything and everything about possible post-credit scenes. They refused to answer any questions surrounding the beloved acts that follow the movie and even warned fans to keep clear of the Internet as the premiere date approaches. The last thing anyone wants is spoilers. That being said, stop reading here if you don’t want to potentially ruin your Avengers: Endgame experience. 

So, looks like you are one of the brave warriors who want to see the mind-blowing acts following the finale! According to BGR, there have been leaks about not just the post and mid-credit scenes but the entire movie as well! Here is what fans may be able to expect once the credits start rolling. 

  • Mid-credit scene one: Tony Stark is at the memorial for Captain America and says, “You were right.” before walking away with Pepper and their baby. Why is this so shocking? For one, news about Stark and Pots being written out of the universe has been all over the Internet. This is supposed to be Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow’s last movie. If this scene is real, why would Marvel tease a potential new plot they couldn’t finish? The scene also puts the spotlight on their child. Will the young Stark be a significant player in the future of the MCU?
  • Mid-credit scene two: Mr. and Mrs. Hawkeye swing by Peter Parker’s apartment to drop off their kids. It looks like Spidey is playing babysitter. When the doting parents return, the kids are webbed to the wall sleeping with a visibly exhausted Parker standing by. “I can explain,” he says. Another believable scene that gives us an adorable break from the tragic loss of Captain America in the previous scene.
  • End-credit scene: A man is walking down the street but all viewers see is his side and his arm. Two guys appear out of nowhere to rob him and pull a gun. Claws come out and then the screen goes black. Talk about going out with a bang! While no one knows the validity of these scenes, fans will just have to sit through the credits to find out just what Marvel has brewed up its sleeve for Avengers: Endgame post-movie greatness.