‘Avengers: Endgame’: How Fans Should Cope After Watching the Last ‘Avengers’ Movie

Just because the title of the new Avengers movie is Endgame, that doesn’t mean there isn’t life after this cycle of Marvel movies has run its course.  With superhero movies continuing to dominate the box office, the studios aren’t about to leave all that money on the table. First, click here to revisit what Marvel has already done.

Here’s what’s slated for Marvel and for DC through 2021, though note that release dates, and even the movies themselves, are subject to change.

What movies are coming up from Marvel/Fox?

Dark Phoenix: The X-Men face their gravest challenge yet as they grapple with the unchecked powers of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner). This is essentially a reboot of X-Men: The Last Stand, which Days of Future Past erased from existence. (June 7)

Spider-Man: Far From Home: Trailers have already come out for this one, proving once and for all there is life after a Thanos snap. In a fun twist, Jake Gyllenhaal, who was once considered to play Spidey, plays the villain Mysterio. (July 5)

The New Mutants: Reportedly a new stab at another generation of X-Men, this is supposedly the final installment of the series. Stars include Anya Taylor-Joy (Split) and Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) (Aug. 2)

Black Widow: Scarlett Johannson’s iconic assassin character gets her standalone film. (May 1, 2020)

The Eternals: This title isn’t confirmed, but informed speculation has this Fantastic Four-like team hitting the screen on July 31, 2020.

Black Panther 2: Wakanda forever redux. Again, this is informed speculation, but the sequel to the box-office phenomenon and Oscar winner might come out Nov. 6, 2020.

Shang Chi: Marvel will try its hand at Kung Fu with this adaptation of a 1970s comic book. (May 7, 2021)

Captain Marvel 2: Currently burning up the box office, Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers surely will return with her own new film at some point, with the best guess being July 31, 2021.

Doctor Strange 2: Thought by many to be a celestial version of Tony Stark (read: their other character who an egomaniacal smart-aleck), Benedict Cumberbatch may return with his trippy powers. (Nov. 5. 2021)

What DC movies are coming up?

If you’re desperate for a superhero fix and aren’t committed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then these upcoming DC movies can satisfy you action needs.

Joker: A super-villain gets a solo film, with Joaquin Phoenix playing the clown prince of crime in a film that some suggest is inspired by the work of Martin Scorsese. (Nov. 4)

Birds of Prey: This film follows up 2016’s Suicide Squad by giving Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn her own movie (Feb. 7, 2020)

Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot returns and goes forward in time from World War II to leg warmers. (June 5, 2020)

The Batman: Ben Affleck may have turned in his cowl, but Planet of the Apes franchise director Matt Reeves is still expected to turn in his own take on the caped crusader. (June 25, 2021)

Superhero movies coming up from other studios

Hellboy: A reboot of the cult comic antihero, with Stranger Things‘ David Harbour taking on the title role. (April 12)

Brightburn: James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) produces this Superman-like venture, starring Elizabeth Banks, who was Betty Brant, J. Jonah Jameson’s long-suffering assistant in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. (May 24)

What is next for ‘Avengers’ actors?

And if you prefer Marvel stars without tight costumes, there are plenty of other films keeping the actors busy, the latest of which is Netflix’s The Unicorn Store. Larson has been heavily promoting this one with fan art on social media, with good reason. She not only stars in it, she directed it too.

It’s all but confirmed that Chris Evans will turn in Captain America’s mighty shield after Endgame, but the actor has another film lined up for 2019: Knives Out, a film noir-style mystery directed by Rian Johnson (The Last Jedi).