‘Avengers: Endgame’: It Doesn’t Sound Like the Blockbuster Will Win a Best Picture Oscar

While we know the public is always divided on what Academy Award members vote in as winners annually, the issue of genre bias still needs serious addressing. If you can argue the Oscars still have something against nominating comedies for Best Picture, you can now add the superhero genre.

No matter how bloated the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be, you can’t say it hasn’t brought big ideas to the big screen. These are no longer pedestrian cinematic efforts with overwrought CGI. Avengers: Endgame went all out on providing some powerful creative ideas and making fans think alongside the special effect jaw drops.

You’d think this would qualify for a Best Picture nod. Noted internal bias could ruin its chances.

Oscar Statue at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Is there still fear big superhero movies will take away from smaller films?

We know there’s still a strong contingent of Oscar voters who want to support independent film and think the big mainstream films with special effects just aren’t deserving of awards.

Some irony exists there because some of those voters were probably independent film actors at one time and then became wealthy acting in superhero movies. Robert Downey, Jr. is a standout example.

It makes you wonder if even he finds it conflicting on whether to vote in confidence for the MCU, or go for a smaller film with the same amount of great production values.

Endgame was something different, though, especially in how it created considerable depth in character development, all through methods of time-travel. As unconventional as this was, most assume academy members would acknowledge the innovation.

Oscar voters are going on the record as saying they hated ‘Endgame’

Perhaps you’ve read those “Disgruntled Oscar Voter” pieces in places like the Hollywood Reporter over the years. Those always seemed like they were products of The Onion rather than coming from reality. They’re reportedly very real, and usually older voters who try to maintain a status quo in what wins Best Picture.

Yes, those reports of the academy being mostly aging white men probably still holds muster to some degree. Whether that represents one recently quoted anonymous Oscar voter who hates Endgame is a matter of speculation.

MovieWeb is the place recently quoting this academy member. Based on how the anonymous source speaks, it may be an older voter. Considering he or she says they appreciated more practical special effects in First Man last year compared to the CGI of Endgame, you feel there’s a “get off my lawn” sensibility going on here.

Apparently this angry voter is far from the only one. Together, they seem to have formed an inside coalition to never let any Marvel movie be up for Best Picture again.

Based on Black Panther last year, is this just a minority opinion?

This above Oscar group clearly couldn’t prevent Black Panther becoming a Best Picture nominee last year. Many thought it had a good chance, and you have to wonder if it was a close runner-up to the winner (Green Book).

Let’s assume the anti-Marvel coterie is mostly a minority happening to find a website willing to trumpet their woes. Endgame might very well achieve at least a nomination for Best Picture based on the overwhelming response from audiences and industry execs alike.

Pulling out a win is another thing, even if the MCU might someday find itself winning Best Picture. As more Millennials take over everything, including the voting academy, maybe we finally will see a superhero movie gets its Oscar due in another decade.

By then, the MCU could be in Phase Six and maybe brewing up something to top Endgame with the Millennial superheroes dying off.