‘Avengers: Endgame’: Who Dies in the Final Film?

The chatter about who dies in Avengers: Endgame continues to raise plenty of debate, despite a sure bet demise for at least one superhero. It’s best to be prepared for more deaths, though, including more than what we ever thought could happen.

What’s problematic about this is many analysts can’t decide who might die because all the superheroes play important roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A lot of them are being branched off into outside projects as well.

Let’s look a little closer and see if there are any clues to who might die and whether they’ll inevitably be revived as every superhero seems to.

The evidence of Captain America dying

It seems obvious Chris Evans’s Captain America is going to die based squarely on his previous announcement of Endgame being his final moments in the role.

This isn’t to say he’ll necessarily die, but fans would protest to the skies if someone else was cast as the good Captain at this point. Evans is so identified as Captain America, he may be typecast as much as Christopher Reeve was as Superman.

Since Steve Rogers’ origin story involved time-traveling from the past to the present, some insinuate there could be some creative way to reverse his possible death.

Would the MCU have his death mean time-traveling back to his original past? This could pave the way for a replacement, something that’s already happened in the comic book edition.

Then again, when one actor is so solidly identified as a superhero, producers aren’t going to be so willing.

Many are still speculating whether Tony Stark/Iron Man dies

As you can see from Twitter, fans are already up in arms about the rumors growing about Tony Stark possibly dying in EndgameMuch of this comes down to Robert Downey, Jr. saying he’s also bowing out of the MCU for now

While we want to see Downey return to some real human dramas again (and he probably does as well), we can’t see Tony Stark being dead forever if he dies at all.

No doubt Endgame will find some way to preserve Tony Stark or place him in limbo, even if he technically has a death at the end of the film.

Should Iron Man and Captain America die, what does this mean for all the other superheroes? Will we have a major shock and watch many more die, or just Rogers and Stark?

Some of the cast say we won’t believe what happens

Many of the cast members say they’ve been stressed trying to maintain secrets for Endgame. The secrecy has gone to hysterical levels on par with keeping Game of Thrones finale secrets, which only brings unwanted PTSD with the actors.

One thing the Endgame cast have given away, though, is they say fans will never guess the finale, something possibly giving more hope on the outcomes of each superhero. Having many dying off really does seem like an overly obvious plot device.

We have to wonder if Marvel Entertainment has some heightened cleverness up their sleeve, as in more or less blending death with preservation or future resurrection. This isn’t to say we might not see at least one or two die permanently until there’s future spinoffs/reboots with new actors bringing reinvention.

In this regard, we kind of wonder if they’ll follow a specific mantra of the new Star Wars trilogy.

They may not be really gone

A quote of a lifetime from Episode VIII and IX in Star Wars is Luke Skywalker saying, “No one is ever really gone.”

The MCU may go with this path in a time when we all find emotional connections to epic film franchises like this.

Producers understand fans don’t want to say a long goodbye like a real-life death. Despite some of the actors moving on for now, we can’t see them staying away forever, including Robert Downey, Jr.

In other words, there’s always a way for Marvel to revive these superheroes through methods possibly making them better and stronger than they were in their previous life.