‘Avengers: Endgame’: Why Is Robert Downey Jr. the Perfect Iron Man?

It is pretty hard to imagine anyone other than Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man in the iconic Avengers franchise. Before he was cast, many felt that he didn’t fit the role, and wanted to go in a different direction. Fans of the film are extremely glad that this didn’t happen, as the films just wouldn’t have been the same.

We are on the edge of our seats waiting to see Avengers: Endgame, but what many fans do not realize is that director Jon Favreau really had to push hard for Robert to be cast in the role. So, why is it that Downey, Jr. is the perfect actor for the character of Tony Stark?

Robert Downey Jr.’s previous acting roles

As one of the most well-known and talented actors in Hollywood, Downey, Jr. has taken on many amazing roles. His career began at the young age of five years old when he was cast in the movie Pound. Since then, we have seen the actor in films such as Zodiac, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sherlock Holmes, and many more. Some of his most iconic films include blockbuster hits such as Tropic Thunder and Due Date. In addition to acting, Downey also has several directing credits under his belt.

Why did Marvel turn Robert Downey Jr. down as Iron Man?

Downey, Jr. was turned down for the role of Iron Man several times before he was actually cast. Why, exactly, is this? Marvel studios actually saw him as a risk, given his battle with addiction. They were hesitant to cast him in the role, yet Favreau saw something in him that everyone else did not yet see. He saw Downey, Jr.’s potential to truly bring the character to life as he envisioned it. Not only was Downey Jr. the perfect actor to play the role, but his path in real life was so similar to that of the character. The director couldn’t see anyone else playing the role, and he was insistent that his first choice was cast.

Jon Favreau talked about his choice in an interview

Favreau certainly is not keeping quiet about his choice, not that he should. He recently discussed everything in an interview, and how he really put his foot down when it came to the idea of casting Downey, Jr. Apparently, he had a vision for what the character should be, and he felt that the actor whom he had chosen was the best fit. We couldn’t agree more!

Why is Robert Downey, Jr. perfect for the role?

Simply put, because he does it in a way that no one else can! There are so many ways that the actor can relate to the character that he is playing, it almost seems as if the part was written specifically for him. He is confident and successful — two important qualities that make him perfect for the film. Downey Jr. also has a larger than life personality that is unmatched, something that was very important to Favreau when it came to choosing the perfect actor. With so many unbelievably talented actors in Hollywood, the iconic role could have very easily gone to someone else. We can’t imagine that the original film or any of the sequels would have been nearly as successful if Favreau had not gotten his way.