Avengers Fans Reveal the Funniest MCU Movie Ever

When it comes to Marvel Studios, most of its cinematic ventures are action-packed spectacles with just enough heart and humor blended in for good measure. From Tony Stark’s wise-cracking tendencies (infused with bits of sarcastic superiority) to Drax’s brutish comedic appeal, the MCU has managed to send the audience into hysteria more than once throughout the 22-film Avengers saga.

Avengers MCU Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios | Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Though several MCU films have been funny, others have reached a knee-slapping level. Some have been so funny that — though never sacrificing the severity of the dire situation at hand — they could be mistaken for comedies with fight sequences sprinkled in for the sake of genre obedience. Here, we will break down what Marvel fans deem the funniest MCU movies ever.

When browsing through online discussions, you will see that three movies tend to surface most frequently as “the funniest.” So, let’s start with the third funniest and work our way to the crown jewel of the comedy category. 

3. ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’: the motley Avengers

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 relied on irreverent humor to create the same vibe as its predecessor, yet it managed to outshine the first movie. From Baby Groot to Drax and Star-Lord, this film is bursting with ridiculous characters — a motley crew of Avengers — who somehow manage to save the day…all while making major mistakes and cracking jokes at the expense of one another. 

Marvel Studios intended for the Guardians of the Galaxy series to be one of the funniest in its repertoire; thus, it should come as no surprise that the movie found its way to this list. However, it is quite possible that — given the understanding that this film would be geared towards the comedic space — our expectations were not surpassed, leaving the film to take the third-place slot.

2. ‘Ant-Man’: the dark horse

No one expected Ant-Man to be the glorious film that it was. The hero — easy to make a mockery of — was not reduced to cheap jokes. Those behind Ant-Man took its easy-to-butcher source material and transformed it into a superhero film that fits perfectly within the modern filmic landscape and aligns with Marvel’s consistent tone.  

Scott Lang is taken seriously despite all the absurd and hysterical action sequences occurring abound. With flying jumbo Pez containers present to save the day, this movie kicked into action. 

Though laugh-out-loud funny, maintaining a light and breezy air for the entirety of the run, the film boasts an intricate narrative that makes Rudd’s Avenger relatable, as he begins his transformative journey within the MCU. 

1. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’: a transformed hero

After two Thor movies featuring a stoic and sincere God of Thunder, Taika Waititi took the reigns to helm what many fans consider the funniest MCU movie of all time. One fan explained that the humor in Ragnarok is “exactly what [they] like,” while another chimed in to shout, “Thor Ragnarok for the win!” This movie surpassed all expectations, violating all pre-established norms surrounding the character, and excelled. 

Thor: Ragnarok likely finds itself as the funniest Avengers movie because it violated expectations, and did so successfully. Retaining a degree of shock value goes a long way when it comes to film. This is not said to downplay the comedic genius at play in the movie, but rather to draw attention to Waititi’s approach. He took a big risk and won the audience over; however, he could have caused a major outcry among critics and fans alike, as he stepped away from the Avenger’s canonical source material.