‘Avengers: Infinity War’: All the Evidence That This 1 Dead Character Will Return

Avengers: Infinity War is full of deaths that feel shocking when they happen, but it later becomes clear that those characters will likely come back in the sequel. That includes everyone who disappears at the end of the movie. But there’s also reason to believe that some of the heroes who died normal deaths will come back, too.

Here’s a look at all of the evidence that the movie’s biggest death won’t be permanent. We’ll be focusing mainly on that one character, but we’ll also talk about the evidence that suggests we’ll see two of the other dead characters again as well (page 7)Warning: This article will contain spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

1. The film’s directors have confirmed the existence of Soul World


Soulworld in the Marvel comics | Marvel.com

Immediately after Infinity War came out, fans came up with a theory about how Gamora could return from the dead. That theory has to do with Soul World, a realm which, in the comics, the Soul Gem has the power of sending people to. It’s sort of like purgatory, and those who end up in Soul World can return from it.

So fans theorized that because Gamora died as part of a sacrifice to get the Soul Stone, perhaps her soul is now trapped in Soul World. She could, therefore, return in Avengers 4 if the protagonists get their hands on the Soul Stone and free her from this realm.

This theory became a lot more compelling when the film’s directors, the Russo Brothers, confirmed in a Q&A that when Thanos speaks to young Gamora at the end of the film, that scene is actually taking place inside the Soul Stone.

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2. James Gunn says Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will make sense even if you didn’t watch Infinity War

The Guardians of the Galaxy standing together on a wooded forest planet

The Guardians team | Marvel

Of course, there’s a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel coming out in 2020, which already could suggest that Gamora is going to return. It’s always possible that she just won’t be in the third movie, though.

But director James Gunn previously made a comment that implies otherwise. Back in September 2017, Gunn said that a person could watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 without seeing Infinity War or Avengers and it would “basically make sense, with maybe a couple of little elements you’re going to have to be caught up on.”

If Gamora, one of the main characters of the Guardians series, dies off-screen between movies, this would hardly be considered a “little element.” So this comment might suggest that Gamora will come back to life by the time Vol. 3 rolls around and things will be back to normal for the team by then.

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3. Gamora has a ‘significant role’ in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 

Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War | Marvel

If Gamora doesn’t come back to life, that would suggest that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will feature a slightly different lineup, maybe with Nebula taking Gamora’s place. But back in May 2017, Gunn also told The USA Today that he recently had some “some pretty intense conversations” with Zoe Saldana about her “significant” role in the third movie.

Granted, it could be that Gamora is significant in the third movie in that her death informs the storyline in a big way. But coupled with Gunn’s previous quote, this sure makes it sound like Gamora will be back to life in Vol. 3. 

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4. Zoe Saldana has said she will be in Avengers 4

Close up of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Zoe Saldana as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Marvel

It does seem that Saldana is going to play Gamora at least one more time. After all, the actress says she filmed scenes for Avengers 4. Back in April 2017, she confirmed in an interview that she would be going back to work on the fourth movie later that year.

In addition, Saldana told E! News that the final days of shooting Infinity War didn’t feel like a goodbye because “I know that we will have to all come back at some point this fall and finish up the second [movie] — the fourth installment of Avengers.”

So Gamora is definitely going to show up in the next movie, although theoretically, Saldana could just be playing Gamora in flashbacks or vision sequences.

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5. Saldana filmed a scene with Robert Downey Jr. that wasn’t featured in Infinity War

Star-Lord, Iron Man, and Drax in Avengers: Infinity War

Star-Lord, Iron Man, and Drax in Avengers: Infinity War | Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

We know that Saldana is returning for Avengers 4, but that doesn’t necessarily confirm that Gamora is coming back to life. However, a much stronger piece of evidence is the fact that Saldana revealed in a 2018 interview that she “got to shoot with such iconic stars in the film industry, like Robert Downey Jr.”

Gamora and Iron Man never meet in Infinity War. So if she shot a scene with Robert Downey Jr., that must be for Avengers 4. Since Iron Man and Gamora don’t know each other, she probably doesn’t appear to him in a vision or dream sequence. So this might mean that she comes back to life and filmed a scene with Downey Jr. near the end of the movie after her character has returned.

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6. Saldana also filmed a ‘big massive scene’ with the whole cast

Gamora |Marvel Studios

An even more revealing quote about Avengers 4 came when Chris Pratt and Saldana spoke with E! News, and they said that in December 2017, they shot a “big massive scene” and “everybody was there” for it.

They obviously aren’t talking about anything in Infinity War since Gamora never even meets any of the Avengers, except for Thor. In fact, none of her scenes have more than a few characters in them. So this scene they’re referring to definitely happens in Avengers 4.

Other cast members have teased a giant scene that has the entire cast in it, with Sebastian Stan telling The Independent that it includes Samuel L. Jackson. Since both Bucky and Nick Fury disappeared in Thanos’ snap, this confirms the big scene happens after everyone who was wiped out of existence has come back. And if Saldana was there for it, this implies Gamora comes back, too.

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7. Paul Bettany and Tom Hiddleston both seem to be in Avengers 4

Vision in human form during the Avengers: Infinity War trailer

Vision in Avengers: Infinity War | Marvel Studios

So now that we’ve talked about Gamora, what about Loki and Vision? Will they return from the dead as well? Well, it does seem that we’re at least going to see those characters one more time.

After all, Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, suggested in an August 2017 interview that he’s in Avengers 4. He said of Infinity War, “It felt like the biggest movie that I’ve ever made and will ever make, and we’ve still got to make the [next] one.”

Tom Hiddleston has also been spotted filming scenes for Avengers 4. However, these scenes involve recreations of the Battle of New York from The Avengers, so we don’t know that Loki appears in the present timeline. There has been no information about Idris Elba, who plays Heimdall, filming any scenes, but he suggested on Twitter that he is finished playing the character.

So for now, it sounds like Gamora coming back is fairly likely, and Vision may also come back, thanks to Shuri’s technology genius. However, although we will see Loki again in Avengers 4, he probably won’t come back to life, and neither will Heimdall.

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