Ayesha Curry Responds to Person Body Shaming Her Baby

Ayesha Curry won’t have people body shaming her baby. Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors point guard, Stephen “Steph” Curry, responded to an Instagram user who body shamed her 10-month-old baby, Canon W. Jack Curry. Get the details ahead.

How did the baby body shaming happen?

In honor of the NBA’s Western Conference Finals, Curry posted a family photo. The finals meant that her husband and his brother, Seth Curry, would play each other.

In the photo Curry posted, she stood next to her husband holding baby Canon.

She captioned the post, “Infinitely proud of these guys. Gods grace and mercy continues to cover our family and we are so grateful. Not about wins and losses, it’s all about family. Moments like this simply put it all into perspective. ‘But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.’ – Matthew 6:33”

Ayesha Curry | Instagram

One person commented on the photo, asking Curry if she was pregnant again.

“Absolutely not LOL,” Curry replied. “My 30 lb son is just breaking my back in every photo,” she added.

Person commented about baby’s weight: He’s ‘got some serious health issues going on’

Then came the body shaming.

How Ayesha Curry responded to people body shaming her son

After the person asked Curry if she was pregnant again, another person commented, “If that kid is 30lbs he’s got some serious health issues going on.”

That comment prompted Curry to reply with “Excuse you? No. Just no.”

Ayesha Curry
Ayesha Curry attends the 2019 James Beard Awards at Lyric Opera Of Chicago on May 06, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. | Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Other Instagram users came to Curry’s defense when the person attempted to body shame her baby.

They shared stories about their own babies.

“You are GORGEOUS and so are your kids, & you have a beautiful baby boy. Also, my son weighed 30 lbs at 6 months & cute as button too. Loads of family, friends, & strangers told me I needed to put my “fat” baby on a diet. I was only breastfeeding at the time. I TRIED to educate those foolish people but eventually, I just had to walk away. You can’t fix people who come at you with their ridiculous assumptions. Much respect & props to you 💜🙏”

“My daughter is also 10 months and 30 pounds… people act like it’s so uncommon we just have big babies. That just means there’s more of them to love 💕.”

While another person wrote, “You look amazing and not pregnant and your family is adorable! These people have no manners!”

Another said, “Don’t comment like that about a baby. Rude”

How many kids are in the Curry family?

Ayesha and Steph Curry have three children together. Their oldest daughter, Riley, became an internet sensation in 2015 when she sat with her dad at press conferences during the postseason.

They have another daughter named Ryan and of course, their newest addition to the family, Canon.

Ayesha Curry | Instagram

Curry shared a picture of all three of her children on Instagram following Canon’s birth on July 2, 2018. She captioned the post, “God has been too good to us. Our beautiful baby boy Canon W. Jack Curry 7/2/2018. He joined us earlier than we thought and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful. Family of 5!”