B. Simone Under Fire After Old Comments About the LGBTQ Community Resurface

B. Simone just can’t catch a break. The Wild ‘N Out star has faced multiple controversies in recent weeks — from a plagiarism scandal to remarks about her dating preferences — leading to her being trolled and dragged by fans and critics alike.

She has been working hard to recover from it all but just weeks later, she found herself in headlines again after old comments she made about the LGBTQ community resurfaced on social media. B. Simone had been in an interview where she said things that fans say are harmful, offensive, and extremely insensitive.

B. Simone on the red carpet at an award show
B. Simone on the red carpet at an award show in August 2019 | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

B. Simone’s comments about the LGBTQ community explained

The comments were made in 2017 when B. Simone went on the WHOREible decisions podcast. She had been complaining about dating in Atlanta when she said, “You been done swiped up on a t****y and you won’t know until you’re in the bedroom with ’em.”

She quickly noted that she supports the LGBTQ community but continued to say things left fans cringing. She continued, “I have nothing against the LGBT, lettuce, bacon, tomato community, but I love all y’all. One of my best friends is a t****y but she’s honest and open.”

As the interview progressed, B. Simone and the two hosts started discussing LGBTQ identities, mixing many of them up and mislabeling people.

It appears that the chat has since been removed, with the WHOREible decisions Twitter page posting a tweet saying the episode “is a poor representation of our views in terms of LGBTQ+ community.” But a clip can be heard here.

Fan reactions to B. Simone’s comments about the LGBTQ community

After the interview reemerged on June 26, B. Simone faced immediate and widespread backlash. Many listeners were bothered by her use of the word “t****y,” joke about the initialism of LGBT, and apparent ignorance on the community and took to social media to share their thoughts.

One person tweeted, “B Simone said she had transgender friends but continued to call them tr*nnies that’s how you know she’s terrible friend and don’t talk to none of them. that word is a slur and degrading.”

Another person said they didn’t even make it that far in the interview, writing, “I turned it off after she refered to the LGBT community as ‘lettuce, bacon, and tomato.'”

A third person chimed in and said that B. Simone should “just … bow out the influencer game, its some new nonsense every week.”

Others, however, swept to her defense. Someone who said they were never even a fan of the TV star tweeted, “Now I wanna support just because y’all are so hell bent on dragging her every time she breathes. I hope she continues to grow and learns from the business mistakes & comes back in a MAJOR WAY.”

A second person said, “I’m not canceling black women over stupid BS not Cardi, Nicki, Doja, Trina, Tokyo, B. Simone, none of them! Not when y’all still praise men who are known abusers, disrespect women on a daily basis & don’t take care of their children. FOH a lot of y’all favs need to get canceled 1st”

As of writing, B. Simone has not addressed the controversy.

This is only the latest of a string of controversies B. Simone has faced in 2020

B. Simone first faced backlash in May when she made comments about the George Floyd protests that fans said were senseless, ignorant, and dismissive.

She also came under fire in early June when she appeared to diss people who work 9-to-5 jobs. She had been in an interview with Wild ‘N Out creator Nick Cannon when she started discussing the kind of man she wants, saying he could not work a standard job and had to be an entrepreneur. The comments left many fans accusing her of not being humble. But she said in a later interview that she just wanted someone who could understand her as a fellow entrepreneur.

Then in mid-June, she was accused of plagiarizing her book, Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want. Amid the backlash, B. Simone admitted that her team had made a mistake and vowed to fix the issue. But she did not get too detailed, explaining that the matter is now a legal issue.