Baby Sonic Vs. Baby Yoda: Will ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Dethrone ‘The Mandalorian’ King of Cute?

Video game movies have been trouble since Super Mario Bros. but the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been mired in controversy since the first trailer came out. Paramount delayed the movie from November 8, 2019 to February 14, 2020 while director Jeff Fowler and the visual effects artists redesigned Sonic. New trailers have revealed the new look, and that he knows who The Rock is. Now the movie has another weapon in its good will campaign: Baby Sonic! Fans are already comparing him to The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda.

Baby Sonic debuts in new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer
Sonic the Hedgehog | Paramount Pictures

Paramount released a new trailer for the film in Japanese. Thanks to the internet and social media, the image and the trailer itself have gone international so everyone can see. Get a look at the baby hedgehog and what the fans are saying about him. 

Team Baby Sonic

The Japanese trailer shows the 3D rendering of the sonic blur rushing around green loops like the video game. When the runner finally slows down, it appears to be not the grown-up wisecracking hedgehog but a baby version. 

@ryu_181 is over Baby Yoda. “Goodbye Baby Yoda,” Ryu wrote. “Hello baby sonic.” 

@UtmostPotential thinks this baby is tougher. “Baby Sonic look like he’ll eat Baby Yoda and hide the remains in your backyard.”

Matthew A. Cherry thinks Baby Yoda has some stiff competition.

So does @urbannoize2 who wrote, “Baby Yoda got some competition with Baby Sonic. Sheesh.”

@LarryMatovina warned, “Count your days Baby Yoda. In just a couple months, you’ll just be some rat we’ve thrown in the trash to make room in our hearts for Baby Sonic.” 

Team Baby Yoda 

Baby Yoda still has his supporters though. Web series Boundary Break isn’t impressed by the video game movie’s baby character.

@kaytanaa used the James Franco gif to express her surprise at the sudden fervor. “People are saying Baby Sonic is cuter than Baby Yoda?” she wrote.

@AyliffeMakit thinks there’s only one way to settle it: “baby sonic and baby yoda are gonna fight to the death in a car park behid Lidl at 11, bring popcorn.”

Baby Sonic raises more questions for these fans

Some gaming fans are reading into some Sega Genesis iconography in the clip. 

@InfernoOmni noticed, “Baby Sonic is holding one of the Green Hill flowers dear lord this is precious.”

This gamer thinks the baby resembles the 16-bit Sega Genesis character. 

@SpiritSonic already noticed a continuity error based on earlier trailers: “Why does Baby Sonic have the same shoes he wears in the present when we saw him get those shoes as a teen in another trailer? Also on the keychain swag he has no shoes at all.”

These fans won’t forget the ghastly original Sonic design

Some fans like @NitroRad pointed out that there must have been an earlier version of the baby design based on the earlier adult Sonic design. This isn’t necessarily true. We don’t know if the 2019 cut of the film included a baby or not. Perhaps they added this in the revisions.

@tssznews thinks they know where to find it. “Just remember: Modern Baby Sonic means there is a pre-redesign Classic Baby Sonic somewhere in a storyboard artist’s drawer at the now dissolved MPC Vancouver that suddenly skyrocketed in value,” TSSZ wrote. 

@Nitomatta Photoshopped an idea of what a babyfied version of that design might have looked like. Click the link at your own risk!