Will Baby Sussex’s Personality Be More Like Prince Harry’s or Meghan Markle’s?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting ready to welcome their first child, and there is plenty of excitement surrounding Baby Sussex. But with two amazing parents, it’s hard to imagine which one the baby will be more like. One expert claims to have a way of knowing what Baby Sussex’s personality will be like — but which parent will he or she take after?

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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Meghan and Harry are only weeks away from their new baby

It feels like it’s been an eternity since Meghan and Harry first announced their pregnancy. And now, Meghan is only weeks away from giving birth. Despite the excitement surrounding the baby, very few details have been released. Meghan did say that she is due in late April, but other than that, the two have kept almost everything under wraps. Nobody knows the gender of the baby (Meghan and Harry claim to not know, either) or the name the couple has picked out. And some people even think Meghan Markle will give birth before her original due date.

The baby will be a Taurus, which could give hints about his or her personality

Based on Baby Sussex’s due date, he or she will be born a Taurus. And according to Princess Diana’s former astrologer, this means the baby will be “very stable, steadfast, and predictable.” Astrologer Penny Thornton told People that the baby will also likely be quirky and unconventional. Based on other happenings relating to astrology, this baby will also be a non-conformist who doesn’t follow the pack. This is all assuming the baby is born a Taurus, but if he or she arrives before April 21, then he or she will be an Aries, which means things could be different.

If the baby is a non-conformist with a stable mindset, he or she will probably be more like Meghan

Harry definitely has a non-conformist quality about him (he rebelled quite a bit when he was younger), but he ultimately grew to respect and understand his role in society. On the other hand, Meghan continues to challenge stereotypes. She often speaks out about women’s rights, and the general public sees her as very independent. She married into the royal family as a divorced, biracial American, which broke barriers within the family and sets her apart. She’s not afraid to be who she is, and she’s always been stable in her values.

In addition to personality, the baby will probably look more like Meghan

Based on the gene pool, Baby Sussex will probably look like more Meghan as well. Meghan has dark hair and dark eyes, both of which tend to be dominant genes. Harry has red hair and blue eyes, both of which are usually recessive. Based on that, the baby will likely also have dark hair and eyes, plus a darker complexion than Harry’s. Although it’s impossible to definitively tell the looks and personality of Baby Sussex right now, it appears that Meghan and Harry’s new little one could be a mini-me of Meghan.

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