Baby Sussex Will Probably Have The Same Zodiac Sign As Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

Spring is finally on the horizon, which means that it’s almost time for Baby Sussex to make his or her grand debut. Meghan Markle is due to give birth in late April or early May 2019 –and according to Buckingham Palace –she has no more public events on her schedule. This means that the Duchess of Sussex has begun her maternity leave so that she can put the final touches on her preparations for Baby Sussex.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first child is set to join an already robust royal clan. Though they won’t have any siblings (yet), Baby Sussex will have his or her cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to keep them company. In fact, the baby royal may have one cool thing in common with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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Baby Sussex.

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Baby Sussex could have the same zodiac sign as Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

If Baby Sussex is born between April 20 and May 21, he or she will be a Taurus just like Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Princess Charlotte will turn four on May 2nd, and Prince Louis will celebrate his very first birthday on April 23. The littles follow in the footsteps of their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The long-reigning monarch is also a Taurus, and she will celebrate her 93rd birthday on April 21.

What are the traits of Taurus women?

We are secretly hoping that Baby Sussex is a little girl, which would make her the ideal companion for Princess Charlotte who is the only little lady in the Cambridge household. According to, Taurus is a fixed sign and women born under the sign of the bull can be stubborn, determined, and self-reliant. Taurus women are also hard workers and are often reliable, stable, and find a way to weave in purpose with everything they do.

What are the traits of Taurus men?

If Baby Sussex is a boy –he might have a similar personality to his older cousin, Prince Louis. According to, Taurus men are lovers, not fighters. They’re easy to get along with, dependable, tenacious, and loyal. However, just like their female counterparts, they have a stubborn side to them and do not like change.

How will Baby Sussex affect Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship?

When Baby Sussex is born –Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will have been married for just about a year. With a massive move to Frogmore House in Windsor from their home at Kensington Palace in London and a ton of changes over the past year — adding a baby will certainly be challenging.

However, the duke and duchess’ relationship seems iron clad. According to expert astrologer Sally Kirkman — if Baby Sussex is born before April 20 and is an Aries –they could form a closer bond with Meghan Markle, but if they are a Taurus, they might be closer to their dad, Prince Harry. Kirkman told Express U.K., “If the baby is an Aries, it will be closer to Meghan, who is a Leo, as they are both fire star signs. If the baby is a Taurus, it will be closer to Harry, a Virgo, as they are both earth star signs.”

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