This Is When You’ll Be Able To Buy A Baby Yoda Plush Doll

Stars Wars fans have been going nuts over Baby Yoda since Disney + premiered The Mandalorian. Since the tiny green creature first appeared on screen, with his tiny bulging eyes and tilting head, fans have been absolutely delighted.

With a ton of memes about Baby Yoda swirling the internet and speculation about his age, who he truly is and whether he’s evil or not — he’s become a pop culture phenomenon almost overnight. However, many fans were dismayed that over the holiday season, plush and toy Baby Yodas were nowhere to be found.

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed Baby Yoda’s popularity had exceeded the company’s expectations by “a wide margin” — so when can we bring him home?

This is why Disney kept Baby Yoda secret

Before he popped up on The Mandalorian — no one knew anything about Baby Yoda and it all had to do with Donald Glover and Beyoncé. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Mandalorian series creator Jon Favreau who also directed the live-action version of The Lion King said a conversation with Glover prompted him to keep Baby Yoda secret.

“We were talking about music and pop culture and he was saying that what people really like now is to be surprised, because it doesn’t happen that much,” Favreau revealed. “When Beyoncé did an album, she would just put it online and everybody would react to it. Just putting it out there spurred a conversation that would become more viral and bring more genuine attention than any marketing.”

Clearly Favreau’s Beyoncé strategy was a massive hit because we can’t get enough of “The Child.”

Is Baby Yoda evil?

With the first season of The Mandalorian behind us, it does appear that Baby Yoda does have some evil tendencies. Suspicions were first raised in Chapter 7 when Baby Yoda used the Force on Kara Dune (Gina Carano). It appeared that he thought Mando (Pedro Pascal) was in danger when he was simply arm-wrestling Kara.

It took Mando to stop Baby Yoda from force-choking Kara which was both terrifying and alarming. Entertainment Weekly reported, “In the films, its characters like Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Kylo Ren have used this ability — it’s considered a Dark Side/Sith-y power.”

This is when you can buy an official plush Baby Yoda doll

Though they weren’t in stores in time for the holiday, Disney has finally announced the released of its Baby Yoda plushie. Standing at 11 inches tall, the doll is an adorable replica of the beloved character — faux suede coat included. The doll is priced at $24.99 but you won’t be able to snag one until well into 2020.

“We expect this item to be available by 03/01/2020,” the product page reads. “Pre-order it now and you will be notified via email when it is ready to ship.”

“By holding back on that one product, we knew that we may have had the disadvantage of not having toys available day and date, but what we got in exchange was an excitement surrounding the character, because everybody felt like they discovered him together,” Favreau told The Hollywood Reporter.

Since we expect the dolls to sell out as soon as they go live on March 1, 2020, we think signing up for the pre-order list is a great idea. Until then, you can head to Etsy to get an unofficial Baby Yoda doll.