‘The Bachelor’: Cassie Randolph Shares Her Fashion Philosophy and Which ‘Sex and the City’ Character She Is

Even before The Bachelor, Cassie Randolph had some modeling experience. But going on and winning the reality dating show has certainly opened new doors for the current grad student.

Cassie Randolph | Araya Diaz/Getty Images for ASTR the Label
Cassie Randolph | Araya Diaz/Getty Images for ASTR the Label

Randolph says it can be a lot to try and balance both going to school and modeling/being an influencer but she’s getting better at it.

“I feel like sometimes I’m living a double life. They’re just two very opposite careers I think, being a student and being in media and being an influencer-type stuff. It’s just different. So I feel like that makes me juggle a lot but think I’ve learned a lot of balance over the past year,” she said in a recent interview with the “I Suck At Life” podcast.

One of the brands Randolph’s been working with as of late is Amuse.

“I think they really match my style with like beachy and Southern California. I’m a very casual person and so Amuse had the casualness and the beachiness but they also have some trend to it. I love the fit of all their clothes,” she said on the podcast.

Cassie Randolph’s personal style

When it comes to Randolph’s style, she likes her pieces to be versatile.

“I’m a really big fan of versatility because I’ve tried to be minimalist before, can’t do it. Next best thing is just getting things that are versatile then. I love basics though. I do love basics. I will just pair them with anything. But then I like to have a lot of different types of basics. I can’t just have five pieces of clothing in my closet. My closet is exploding,” she said.

Randolph lives with her younger sister Michelle, who, apparently, has the bigger closet of the two.

“Well Michelle–my sister and I live together–she has the big closet, which I don’t know how she scored that, but as soon as we move I’m gonna have the big closet because my little closet–it’s not even that little–it’s a walk-in closet. It’s a small walk-in. So like when you go behind the door you have to like shove yourself against the wall,” she said. Randolph says her dream closet has vaulted ceilings, enough room for a couch, and plenty of mirrors–something Carrie Bradshaw would feel comfortable getting ready in.

Which ‘Sex and the City’ character Cassie Randolph identifies with

When the “I Suck At Life” host asked Randolph which Sex and the City character she is, she said: “I feel like everyone wants to say Carrie. I don’t think I’m Carrie but I wish I was Carrie. That’d be so cool.”

She thinks she might be a combination of a few characters, a “mix of Charlotte and Carrie.” But when she’s drinking she’s Samantha.

“My drunk alter ego is Samantha full-blown. Well, not full-blown just kidding. Her boldness,” said Randolph.

But Randolph made clear she’s never been a Miranda.

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