‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Takes His Girlfriend Lauren Zima Out On A Dream One-On-One To Celebrate Her Birthday

Bachelor host Chris Harrison and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Lauren Zima have been dating a little over a year.

Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima | Troy Harvey via Getty Images
Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima | Troy Harvey via Getty Images

The two have known each other for years–Zima reports on a lot of Bachelor news at ET–but have always maintained a professional relationship. When Zima was on former bachelor Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files, the reporter spoke about the day the nature of her relationship with Harrison changed.

How Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima got together

“It was always incredibly professional,” she said. “Not in a negative way … but I never looked at him and ever considered [if] I found him attractive.”

Zima went on: “He just gave me a different vibe. It was fairly overt. He mentioned something about picking his kids up or something. He somehow brought up being single, I think. And then I said something like, ‘I’m single now,’ and he was like,’ Oh.’ But I said it in a more eloquent way. God, I don’t know. Somehow it was communicated … I opened the door and he walked through.”

After that conversation, Zima made the first move.

 “Oh, I DM’d him,” she said.

Chris Harrison’s birthday gift to Lauren Zima

A few months after the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary, Harrison treated Zima to a special birthday outing. The reporter posted on her Instagram stories that she woke up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her boyfriend. Then, it appears Harrison whisked Zima away on what looks to be a private plane for a shopping trip to Louis Vuitton. While Zima shopped she sipped champagne. Eventually, she landed on a light grey bag with mocha detailing. On the plane ride home, Zima was sure to buckle up her new bag for safety, sitting it in its own seat (precious cargo, after all).

Harrison posted a photo to Instagram of Zima shopping in the store.

“I think we need some major sucking up…Not me. Her! Happy birthday @laurenzima an amazing beautiful woman who can turn any sentence into a full blown musical,” he captioned the post.

Zima posted a reflective birthday post along with a photo of her on the plane, her new bag in her lap.

“It’s my birthday ❤️ my bday is always pretty close to thanksgiving, but this year the two days were just a few apart, and I’ve been reflecting and feeling so grateful. The past two years have brought major ups and downs and big changes, at work and in my personal life,” she began.

Zima continued: “I’m a big believer in being positive, embracing change and seeing life as an adventure, not a struggle. Our journeys are measured not by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. I am so thankful for the people i love and so proud of the person I’m working to become.”

Harrison’s definitely been paying attention to the lavish dates featured on The Bachelor. The day the host planned for Zima felt like a play right out of the franchise handbook.

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