‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Admits to Wedding Gaffe With Cassie Randolph

Plenty of Bachelor Nation seems to be laboring under the delusion that Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph have the perfect relationship. But, they have ups and downs just like any other couple. Despite the wide variety of cutesy couple photos that you can find on their respective Instagram pages, they’ve both admitted that their relationship isn’t always easy. Underwood has confessed he often takes jokes too far while Randolph has shared that she sometimes questions her feelings. The happy couple is not without their fair share of mistakes, and Underwood recently confessed to making one at a wedding they attended.

Bachelor alums Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood
Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood | Photo by Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

Recently, The Bachelor alums attend a wedding together and had a wonderful time. The couple explained that they enjoyed sharing many dances with one another and basking in their own love whilst simultaneously celebrating the love of another couple. Taking to her Instagram page, Randolph shared a steamy photo of her sitting in Underwood’s lap and kissing him. “An incredibly beautiful wedding last night! Had the best time dancing the night away and celebrating such a sweet couple. Congratulations Trent & Jessica,” Randolph penned as the caption.

Colton Underwood shares his wedding faux pas with Instagram

But apparently, there was more to the story than Randolph originally let on. Though the pair did have a wonderful time at the wedding, it was not without incident. Unfortunately for Randolph, Underwood managed to commit a major gaffe at the wedding and accidentally spilled wine all over his girlfriend’s dress. After sharing a sweet photograph of the pair embracing one another and gazing into one another’s eyes, Underwood let his fan in on the details of his faux pas.

“Story Time: I spilled all of Cassie’s wine on her dress (like the full glass) during the dinner at the wedding and she had to change dresses midway through. She didn’t kill me or break up with me… instead, we danced the night away. I love you for being patient with my clumsy a*s ♥️ ps: my new favorite saying is “Trust me you can dance – Alcohol” pss: THOSE LEGS,” the ex-football player captioned the photo.

Randolph handles the gaffe with style

Randolph was quick to co-sign Underwood’s story as truth, and she didn’t seem to be harboring any resentment or annoyance for what went down at the wedding. “It is true. All over my entire dress. Love you, my clumsy boyfriend,” Randolph commented. Upon hearing this story fans immediately began showing their support for the couple. “That is such a cute story. And I definitely liked how Cassie handled the situation,” one fan penned. Of course, the pair attending a wedding together caused some Bachelor fans to once again question when they might be having one of their own. “It’s time for you two to get married now,” another person adamantly declared.

Fans think the former bachelor was purposefully clumsy

Some fans didn’t believe that Underwood’s clumsy moment was entirely an accident. As he is enamored with Randolph’s legs, they wagered that he may have spilled the wine on purpose, just so Randolph would have to change into a shorter dress. “‘Accidentally spilled the wine’ or you just wanted the shorter dress because of those legs?!,” one person questioned. “Maybe he did it on purpose so he could see those gorgeous gams,” another person exclaimed.

Randolph knew to come prepared with a backup dress

Still, what most fans were shocked by was not Underwood spilling the wine, but Randolph having a backup dress ready to go after he’d ruined her first choice. “But the real question is who brings a backup dress to a wedding,” one Instagram user questioned. “Am I the only one thoroughly impressed and entertained that she KNEW to bring another dress just in case,” another fan wrote. “Cassie validates why we always pack extra outfits even though our boyfriends tell us we overpack,” another person added. Honestly, we’re impressed by Randolph’s decision to bring an extra dress. It seems like she knows her beau better than most people think.