‘The Bachelor’ Fans Are Living for the Colton Underwood and Rachel Lindsay Feud

The Bachelor franchise may be out of season, but you should know the drama never sleeps. On Oct. 17, the Colton Underwood and Rachel Lindsay saga continued after the former Bachelor and Bachelorette leads faced off in the media. And, with all the back and forth between the two ABC reality stars during the off-season, it seems The Bachelor fans are reignited by the seemingly neverending feud.

What happened between ‘The Bachelor’ Colton Underwood and ‘The Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay?

In early October 2019, Lindsay appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. While on the show, a fan asked about the drama with former friend Raven Gates.

“I can’t say. I promised I wouldn’t say,” Lindsay revealed. “But it was enough for me to not want to be friends with her anymore.”

The following day, Underwood commented on Lindsay’s interview via Instagram. “Shocker. Rachel mad at another person… does she like anyone?” he wrote.

Later, Underwood clarified what he meant with another Instagram comment. “I’m not weighing in on the Rachel/Raven drama. I could care less about that, not my business,” the former Bachelor wrote. “What is my business is the countless number of times she’s spoke poorly of me… including that time she ran her mouth about me to [Cassie Randolph]…Funny thing is I have never met her.”

The feud continues

By mid-October, Bachelor fans thought the feud between Underwood and Lindsay settled down. But, during an interview with Whit & Ry, Lindsay addressed Underwood’s Instagram comments.

“I would love for Colton to actually come on the podcast because what I’m not going to do is entertain you in the comments section of somebody else’s post,” Lindsay stated. “What I will do is have a grown*ss conversation with you and we can talk about it.”

The reality star then explained exactly why she felt so harshly about Underwood’s criticisms on social media.

“What I don’t appreciate are the accusations being made because I believe he said I ran my mouth to Cassie,” Lindsay said. “Well, your girl follows me on Instagram so I don’t know what I could have said. He’s making it seem like I said, ‘Don’t be with him.’ And I would never tell another woman not to be with a man unless I had some type of relationship with her.”

Lindsay also shared a sweet bonding moment with Randolph in — where the 24-year-old gave Rudolph advice on dealing with the opportunities that come with being on The Bachelor franchise. The former Bachelorette also remembered Randolph alluded to Lindsay’s alleged distaste for Underwood. However, Lindsay pointed out it was merely indifference.

“I’m just indifferent. I just don’t believe I have to be best friends with everybody because we all come from the same TV show,” Lindsay said. “My thing with Colton… I feel like I never really knew who he was. And so I just wish he would be himself on camera because people constantly tell me he’s totally different on camera.”


Nevertheless, Underwood’s comments didn’t phase Lindsay as much as it could have.

“It’s so petty to me. As much as I wanted to go at him in the comments section, I just thought, ‘You know what? Excuse me. I need to go interview Oprah Winfrey,'” she revealed. “That was literally my mindset. I don’t have time for this.”

But then, Underwood responded by leaving a comment on an article by Us Weekly. “I’ll come on your podcast Rachel,” he wrote on Twitter. “One condition: ask your producer to leave it raw, unedited and untouched. Looking forward to meeting you & pointing out your hypocrisy over the last year.”

‘Bachelor’ fans react to Colton Underwood and Rachel Lindsay’s feud

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Following Underwood’s remark on Lindsay’s interview, some Bachelor fans just want to get to the bottom of the feud.

“Forget the mystery of why rachel and raven aren’t friends,” a Reddit user shared. “Now i wanna know WHY is colton so mad at rachel.”

Then, of course, fans tried to explain both sides.

“Rachel is no fan of colton and she’s made it clear but she has been respectful in her criticisms. What’s suspicious is that Colton is going after Rachel and using words like ‘running her mouth’ just bc Rachel criticized him,” one Bachelor fan shared. “Meanwhile…. raven said she’d cut Colton’s dick off among other inflammatory things and Colton never responded or addressed it and when the Rachel/raven food came up Colton took ravens side by shading Rachel!”

Meanwhile, in a separate forum, another fan came to Underwood’s defense and tried to explain how Lindsay’s comments were hypocritical. “She was constantly upset in interviews about how people talked about her and Bryan and edit/edit/edit – only to become a critic of others in a similar position as herself and without any consideration to other people’s edits,” the user wrote.

Regardless, it seems most fans are just living for the drama during The Bachelor‘s off-season.

“Please shower jesus make this happen,” one viewer wrote in response to Underwood’s appearance on Lindsay’s podcast.

“I’m truly living for unhinged Colton,” another fan wrote. “Idk why but I am.”

The tea between Underwood and Lindsay is hot, confirmed. And now, Bachelor Nation is waiting on the edge of their seats to find out what both former leads do next. But, no matter what unfolds, fans are certain it’s going to be messy.

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