‘The Bachelor’: Dustin Kendrick Says He’s ‘Third-Wheeling Hard’ Quarantining With Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber ended his Bachelor season engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss. During the finale, it was revealed that the couple had broken up due to Weber’s feelings for Madison Prewett. The episode ended with Weber and Prewett side by side. But a few days later, they announced that they did not plan on pursuing a relationship with one another. That was about a month ago.

Now, Weber’s currently in Chicago self-isolating with Kelley Flanagan (from his season) and his friend Dustin Kendrick (from Hannah Brown’s season). The pilot says he and Flanagan are not dating, but he can see a future with her.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber | Francisco Roman via Getty Images
Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Dustin Kendrick hopes the public will get to see ‘what I’ve been seeing during this time’ of Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

In a recent interview with Life & Style, Kendrick didn’t comment on the couple’s status, but he did say they’re “cute” together.

“Their interactions are just cute and [they] just conversate all the time,” he told the publication while promoting his new IGTV series called ‘Heard, Chef‘ where local top chefs from Chicago teach the Bachelorette alum a dish to cook. “So yeah, I’m excited for you guys to see what I’ve been seeing during this time. Hopefully, you guys do.”

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Kendrick says he, Weber, and Flanagan have all fallen into a bit of a quarantine routine. And it sounds like Flanagan is doing most of the work.

“Kelley does most of the cooking. We do the cleaning,” he says. “Also she loves cleaning, too. She’s kind of spoiling us for sure.”

Why Dustin Kendrick thinks Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are attracted to one another

Kendrick thinks Weber is attracted to Flanagan because she’s a “strong” woman.

“I think they’ve had a strong connection ever since the beginning when they met each other last year,” he said. “But I think Peter for sure is attracted to just how strong of a woman Kelley is and how she doesn’t take no sh*t and she’s just really her own woman and powerful in that way.”

As for why Kendrick thinks Flanagan is drawn to Weber: “I think Kelley just loves how adventurous Peter is and they’re both up for an adventure and they’re just two sweet-hearted people and I’m excited to see them both happy,” he said, adding that he “absolutely” feels like a third wheel. “Third-wheeling hard! Absolutely!”

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