‘Bachelor’ Fans Already Have a Hunch About Which Contestants Will Make It Far on Peter Weber’s Season

Monday nights are about to get a little less sucky because Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is right around the corner!

After weeks of teasers and sneak peeks, we can already tell that this upcoming season is going to be a rollercoaster ride as Weber tries to find his life’s co-pilot in one of the 30 women vying for his love.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber and The Bachelor contestants | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

While we still have a few more weeks before we’re thrust into the exciting realm of love, drama, and windmills (see what we just did there!), it turns out that some fans are already placing bets on contestants they think will be the last ones standing.

We really hope the stakes aren’t that high because as Bachelor Nation already knows, shocking twists and turns are pretty common with this show.

Fans already have their top 3 contenders

The Bachelor contestants of Season 24 were literally just introduced and fans already think they know which women will be making it to the end.

On December 16, fans had the chance to meet the 30 women who are set to compete for Weber’s love on the upcoming season.

From pageant queens to attorneys, these women come from all walks of life and many of them look like they could be the pilot’s ideal girl. To make things even more perfect, there are not one, not two, but THREE flight attendants in the running, which might work out in their favor.

While all of these women have a pretty good shot at winning over the heart of Peter the Pilot, some fans are certain they’ve already figured out a few of these contestants’ fates.

Shortly after all of the women’s pictures were posted up on Instagram, fans quickly took to the comments to share their top picks of the season.

It turns out that a lot of people are rooting for Madison P., Hannah Ann S., Kylie R., and of course Hannah B. (we’ll talk about her comeback later).

Some think they know Weber’s type

So why are fans placing all of their chips in these contestants’ baskets?

Well, we’re start things off with Madison P. The Alabama native is a former pageant girl who *just* graduated from Auburn University with a degree in communications.

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MOOD bc Lion King time

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Though this is the first time many of us are getting a glimpse of her, fans are pretty confident she will be one of the top contenders just because she seems like an ideal match for Peter.

Next is Kylie R., an entertainment sales associate hailing from sunny Los Angeles. People are pretty sure she’ll make it far for one reason only: she looks just like Hannah B.

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Ibiza files

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The resemblance between Kylie and Hannah is uncanny and since Weber fell hard for the former Bachelorette, fans are pretty sure he’ll be attracted to sales associate right off the bat.

The last contestant fans really want to see make it to the end is Hannah Ann. Like the Bachelor, Hannah lives at home with her parents and is a painter/model who likes to dabble in interior design every now and again.

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Apple or Pumpkin ?

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The reason Hannah’s already a fan favorite is because she comes across as very sweet and many people think that her personality fits perfectly with Peter’s.

Last but not least, fans really want to see Hannah Brown make it to the end and get another chance with Peter. Since the promo shows him asking her join the rest of the girls, there is a pretty good chance Brown will outshine the competition.

Whether or not these ladies actually make it to the end is still up in the air but by the looks of things, Weber will definitely have hard decisions to make this season.

The 24th season of The Bachelor premieres January 6 at 8 p.m ET/PT on ABC.