Bachelor Fans Are Doing This Odd Thing To Gigi Hadid After Tyler C. Date

In case you missed it, Tyler C. and Gigi Hadid were recently spotted on a date together and Bachelor Nation is fully unable. Last week, fans were devastated to see that Hannah Brown sent Tyler C. home in favor of Jed Wyatt. Of course, we now know that the engagement was short-lived after Brown found out that Wyatt was a cheater. Following Brown’s fallout with her former fiance, she took the opportunity to ask Tyler C. for a drink, which he graciously accepted.

Gigi Hadid went on a date with bachelor fave, Tyler C.
Gigi Hadid | Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for WARDROBE.NYC

Many fans were skeptical that the drink would actually happen, but both parties quickly squashed any doubts. “Looking forward to that drink,” Tyler C. wrote on his Instagram page. “To your burning questions: Yes, the drink is happening. No, you’re not invited,” Brown co-signed. It seems that the drink couldn’t happen quickly enough because just a few days later, Tyler C. was spotted leaving Brown’s apartment.

Drinks and then some

Sources reported that Brown asked Tyler C. to her apartment for an evening drink. Later photographs surfaced of Tyler C. leaving Brown’s apartment the next morning. Naturally, this sent Bachelor Nation into a tailspin. “I haven’t been this excited for someone else getting laid since my own conception,” one fan wrote. “Walk of shame? More like the walk of ‘Yes, girl! Do it for America,'” another enthusiast wrote. After the date, most bachelor fans were convinced that the pair would eventually get back together, but they clearly spoke too soon.

Tyler Cameron & Gigi Hadid

Yesterday, photos emerged of Tyler C. and supermodel, Gigi Hadid, spending some quality time together at Soho House Dumbo. (Soho House is a private, members-only club with multiple locations around the world.) This led fans to believe that the pair could potentially be dating. As Tyler C. has been doing some modeling, he and Hadid certainly have some common interests. But how did this even come to pass? Well, the pair started following each other last month prior to the Bachelorette season finale. We can only imagine that someone slid into the other’s DM’s, and we’d love to know who was the initiator.

Bachelor Nation reacts

Of course, Bachelor Nation is freaking out about the Hadid date. Some diehard Hannah Beast fans are warning Hadid away from Tyler C. “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR OUR SWEET PRICE TYLER C. HE IS HANNAHS MAN!!!!!!!!!,” one obsessed fan wrote on a recent picture of Hadid’s. “Gigi Hadid is definitely the perfect match for him. Hannah needs to go back to Jed or Luke P.,” another fan wrote back in response. “Hannah had her chance n blew it. Let Tyler C. move on!!!!,” chimed in another. But perhaps the oddest reaction is fans leaving red rose emojis all over Hadid’s latest pictures. Clearly, we understand the sentiment, but it’s just a strange way to show support.

How does Brown feel about her ex dating Gigi Hadid?

Speaking of showing support, how does Brown feel about this date between her ex-beau and supermodel, Hadid? While she hasn’t commented on this recent development, she has made it clear that she wants him to pursue whatever makes him happiest. In a sweet Instagram caption, Brown made the depths of her feelings known.

A woman of her word

“I’m really appreciative that Tyler has always had my back and supported me through all my decisions. He constantly encourages me to lean into the strong woman that I am. He’s a really good man, and I’m going to be his biggest fan in whatever makes him the happiest,” the 24-year old wrote. And while we’re fairly certain Brown never factored in that Gigi Hadid might make Tyler C. the happiest, she has always proven herself to be a woman of her word.